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Mitsis Career Opportunities

Mitsis Career Opportunities


With 19 hotels & resorts in the most beautiful destinations of Greece, Mitsis Hotels has been a tourism pioneer  for  over 45 years now, offering excellent service, great locations,  impeccable  facilities, sophisticated dining and a broad spectrum of options for its clientele, all in a sustainable manner.


Objective Action

Mitsis Hotels is Greece’s largest privately-owned hotel chain. We are employing a workforce of more than 3,500 employees in the context of long-term and stable partnerships. We have adopted practices and procedures that promote the concept of respect for diversity, equal treatment, and equal opportunities for all. We are placing emphasis on the improvement of our people education, and cultivation of hospitality spirit, as well as on the delivery of high-quality services, with a great sense of responsibility.


Target Audience




Our vision to grow our operations goes hand in hand with fostering progress in our destinations, productivity in our communities, new business opportunities for our local partners and new jobs for the young talents of our country. At Mitsis Hotels, we believe that there are no limits in learning, personal growth and the opportunity for an employee to make their mark. We share this belief with the 3,500 hospitality professionals and experts in our team. We participate in interactive career days and workshops, international and national tourism fairs and exhibitions. We collaborate with hospitality recruiting agencies, tourism schools and universities. We support policies that promote decent work in tourism, entrepreneurship, gender equality and youth employment. We are proud to attract young talents, highly educated hospitality professionals and experts from all over Greece, offering employment to the country’s fastest-growing sector.


Impact on Society

  • We support about 3,500 jobs that correspond to 0.09% of the country's employment and support the income of over 8,500 people (1,700 jobs in Rhodes, 1,300 jobs in Kos, 520 jobs in Crete, 430 jobs in Central Greece)
  • For every 1 job of the Mitsis Group, an additional 7 jobs are supported in the wider economy, as we work with over 2800 companies in Greece, supporting local economies (200 in Crete, 300 in Rhodes, 60 in Kamena Vourla, 180 in Kos, <2000 in the rest of Greece

Initiative Location

Athens, Crete, Kamena Vourla, Kos and Rhodes.

Working with Organization

Workers Participation

Benefits for Οrganization

We strive to foster a company culture where employees are valued and where we invest in their development, so they are empowered to contribute to our success. As a service sector industry in which personalized attention to guests is a core differentiator, our employees are our biggest asset. We can only provide exceptional service to our guests through motivated, skilled and engaged employees. Our workforce policies are oriented towards promoting professional growth and maximizing personal wellness. Creating a talent pool for the industry is a critical focus area. All these aspects relate to a wider succession planning strategy, preparing our associates to grow into leadership roles, being stable members of our company. Success starts and ends with our people.

As of this, the benefits for our organisation are the following:

  • Employee retention & high levels of loyalty
  • Creation of true brand ambassadors
  • High employee engagement & productivity
  • Attraction of local talents
  • Excellent customer service & satisfaction
  • Public acknowledgement
  • Recruitment costs reduction

Connection with Global Goals

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