OPAP Managing Systematically our Environmental Impact

OPAP Managing Systematically our Environmental Impact


OPAP was founded in 1958 and is the leading company of the Greek gaming industry. It is an integral part of the country, showcasing continuous and consistent contribution to the socio-economic development of Greece.


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Objective Action


OPAP is committed to conducting business operations in an environmentally responsible way, acknowledging that protection of the Environment, Energy saving and conservation of Natural Resources, as well as active contribution against the Climate Change are integral parts of responsible and sustainable business development. 


Target Audience

The key stakeholder groups affected by this policy and the specific initiatives are the Organization's Management, the Executive Committee, the employees as well as the general public. 



The respective initiatives were launched in 2017 and continue with more actions. 


This commitment is achieved through the implementation of an Environmental and Energy Management System certified according to ISO14001 and ISO50001 respectively, through which the company:

  • Systematically evaluates and monitors the Environmental and Energy impact of its operations,
  • Monitors and complies with relevant National and European Environmental and Energy Laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of other interested parties which have been accepted,
  • Implements appropriate policies and programs to continuously improve its Environmental & Energy performance, reducing its negative Environmental impact and Energy consumption, where possible,
  • Prevents any Environmental pollution and promotes the efficient use of Energy by implementing appropriate Environmental practices in its own operations and the operations of its main suppliers. 


Impact on Society

The results of this initiative per pillar are the following: 

Energy consumption

  • Acquired 67  new Euro 6.2 cars and so 100% of our leased cars are Euro 6.2.
  • All new employees are trained on environmental and health and safety issues. 
  • E-learning courses on Health and Safety and Environmental issues for all employees
  • Application of an integrated energy management system as well as installation of energy meters for the observation of energy consumption
  • Installatiom of movement detectors in kitchens and conference rooms for the decrease of energy consumption and the mitigation of maintenance costs
  • Installation of LED units in staircases and areas where illumination is constant in order to minimize energy consumption and respective expences
  • Installation of solar collectors for the production of hot water and the minimization of energy consumptio and the decrease of environmental footprint. 

Total GHG Emissions (tn CO2-eq.)

  • Year 2017: 3,961 tnCO2 eq
  • Year 2018: 3,691 tnCO2 eq
  • Year 2019: 5,574 tnCO2 eq

Recycling performance

Paper (coupons, playslips, thermal rolls) (kg)

  • Year 2017: 24,840
  • Year 2018: 144,862
  • Year 2019: 1,760
  • Year 2020: 8,960

Office paper (kg)

  • Year 2017: 10,241
  • Year 2018: 10,525
  • Year 2019: 10,920
  • Year 2020: 5,609

Cartridges – toners (units)

  • Year 2017: 341
  • Year 2018: 434
  • Year 2019: 243
  • Year 2020: 216

Light bulbs (units)

  • Year 2017: 440
  • Year 2018: 1039
  • Year 2019: 697
  • Year 2020: 405

IT hardware and equipment (computers, printers etc.) (units)

  • Year 2017: 1.573
  • Year 2018: 26.175
  • Year 2019: 2.054
  • Year 2020: 68

Furniture (units)

  • Year 2017: 14
  • Year 2018: 52
  • Year 2019: 15
  • Year 2020: 54

Domestic batteries (kg)

  • Year 2017: 90
  • Year 2018: 127
  • Year 2019: 112 
  • Year 2020: 76

Plastic (kg)

  • Year 2017: 40
  • Year 2018: 177 
  • Year 2019: 83
  • Year 2020: 30

Aluminum (kg)

  • Year 2017: 15
  • Year 2018: 76 
  • Year 2019: 70
  • Year 2020: 25


Initiative Location

OPAP Offices in Athens (108 and112 Athinon Avenue) and Thessaloniki.

Working with Organization

Managing our environmental footprint systematically is a result of OPAP's initiative. Our footprint is reviewed and certified in the context of ISO14001 and ISO50001 and the certifications are conducted by Bureau Veritas.

There are also collaborations with private carriers for the collection of hazardous and recyclable material.



Workers Participation

Our Environmental and Energy Policy is observed by all OPAP employees and is disclosed to any interest party. 

Benefits for Οrganization

We are proud to report that, in 2020 , OPAP S.A. had:

  • No environmental incidents of any kind.
  • No complaints or accusations of violating any environmental legislation.
  • No written notices or legal actions by the respective authorities regarding environmental issues.
  • No relevant fines or other sanctions imposed, during the scheduled and ad-hoc audits conducted by the respective authorities.

Connection with Global Goals

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