Personnel's motivation in safety issues and supervision of employees health

Personnels motivation in safety issues and supervision of employees health


HELLENIC PETROLEUM is a leading energy group in Southeast Europe, with presence in 7 countries and activities spanning across the energy value chain. Its shares are listed on the Athens and London Stock Exchange.


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Objective Action

SAFETY: Personnel's information and motivation in safety.
HEALTH: Personnel's health protection and surveillance.


Target Audience

To all HELPE personnel



For safety mainly within 2012 - 2014. The health supervision program was existing for all personnel from the start of company installations. Within the last 5 years improvement actions that had been described above took place.


- Expansion and intensification of multilateral safety audits by various committees of the Group and the various facilities.
- Internal seminars to assess and improve safety culture and behaviors.
- Implementation of frequent training and drill programs in collaboration with public sector bodies to address various scenarios of emergency response and training enrichment with new specilized subjects like rescue from inaccesible locations etc.
- Weekly "safety visits" of managers in facilities, in order to intervene and correct any unsafe behaviors, and further to demonstrate in practise their interest in safety.
- Special interviews with "first line" supervisors of all facilities.
- Rewarding of persons and facilities based on safety performance.
- Revision and upgrading of periodic medical tests in connection with work position, age and gender. Laboratory tests include biochemical blood and urine tests and radiology, opthalmology, spirometry, hearing and cardiology tests.
- Check up is supplemented by further personnel's examination from the Occupational Physician.
- Αnnual statistical evaluation of clinical and laboratory personnel's check ups has been established to draw conclusions for any further necessary measures to improve workplace health protection.


Impact on Society

24% reduction of lost workday incidents 2014, in comparison with 2013 and 50% of leakages (Process safety events) and also there are no occupational diseases (0).

Initiative Location

Within HELPE industrial complexes. For check ups in medical laboratories of VIOIATRIKI.

Working with Organization

International programs, like "Winning Hearts & Minds" of Energy Institute, external councelling by SGS and CONCAWE, CCPS "Beacon" process safety newsletter, translated in Greek, collaboration with external diagnostic center (VIOIATRIKΙ).


Workers Participation

All HELPE personnel participates in training and motivations programs, while the participation rate in check ups for 2013 - 2014 for HELPE employees was 64%.

Benefits for Οrganization

Improvement of 2014 safety indices in comparison with 2013: LWIF reduction to 22%, AIF to 20%, LWIS to 45%, PSER to 48%.
There are no absences due to occupational diseases (0).
Improvement of work environment, the annual absenteeism rate is approximately 2%.

Connection with Global Goals

No Connection with Global Goals found

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