Enel Green Power Hellas

Founded in December 2008, Enel Green Power Hellas is the Enel Green Power Group company dedicated to the development and management of power generation from renewable sources in Greece, with 308 MW of installed capacity. 


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Objective Action

PlayEnergy aims to the awareness of students in relation to the principles of sustainable development and the use of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) both through the electricity production and other useful implementations in everyday life. Through the PlayEnergy creative initiatives, students have the opportunity to find out more about the RES, such as hydroelectric, solar and wind energy, fostering this way from an early age a friendly attitude towards the environment and the green habits.


Target Audience

Students aged 6 to 18.



PlayEnergy lasts 1½ teaching hour and the teams of participants consist of maximum 20 persons. After half an hour of introduction, the students have the opportunity to experience interactive activities and games, especially designed for PlayEnergy.


Play Energy is an Enel Group international educational program which brings students and teachers to the heart of energy and it is addressed to elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. The main objective of the program is to raise awareness among the young generations on the world of energy. PlayEnergy focuses on the role the RES can play in the present and the future, emphasizing on topics such as the importance of the sun as the primary source for energy production, the differences between traditional and renewable energy sources and the need for saving energy. In Greece, the specific program is realized upon the approval of the Hellenic Ministry for Education and it is updated every year.


Impact on Society

It is worth mentioning that for the school year 2015-2016 more than 800 students from the Prefectures of Peloponnese, Central and Western Greece had the opportunity to participate in PlayEnergy.

Initiative Location

The educational Program PlayEnergy took place within the school year 2015-2016 in the Prefectures of Peloponnese, Central and Western Greece.

Working with Organization


Workers Participation

The Enel Green Power Hellas employees participate actively in all stages of the PlayEnergy program, that is from its initial planning to its final implementation into the Greek classroom. The materials used in the scope of this program have been designed by a specialized team of scientistis that work for Enel Green Power Hellas and it consists of environmentalists, physicians, electric engineers and civil engineers who have worked for the development of the program and its adaptation to the Greek educational system. Furthermore, each school visit is supported by a group of employees who volunteer to assist the successful implementation of PlayEnergy.


Benefits for Οrganization

Close and fruitful collaboration with the local communities in which the company operates.

Connection with Global Goals

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