Program "Asfalistikos Goneas"

Program "Asfalistikos Goneas"


EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE CO. S.A. is a comprehensive insurance company which is active in all modern insurance sectors. It provides full insurance coverage to individuals as well as to companies.


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Objective Action

European Reliance integrates Corporate Social Responsibility at the center of its business operation actively, creating that way a new innovative insurance that is offered for free to the Greek society. The company, in addition to the sponsorships and solidarity actions of financial assistance and comprehending society’s needs, exploits its skills and cognitive capital, so that it's business operation will be multidimensional and accepted by the entire general population as well as by its customers. By creating insurance products that satisfy fixed and constants needs of the society, without the precondition of the relation between the company and the insured, contributing that way to the social total. This period, financial support is not enough; responsible corporate citizens will have to mobilize both sources and their expertise in order to produce to the social sector, added value project.


Target Audience

In the entire population of the Greek territory.



The program is open-ended. It was launched in 2012 and continues to operate until today.


"Asfalistikos goneas" is a pioneering and innovative insurance program which can be obtained completely free of charge by any interested insured of the Company .
Through the program, European Reliance provides:

1. Insurance coverage through daily purchases in the insured's family in the event of hospitalization or loss of life of the insured's by accident

2. Return of premiums if the policyholder which has an insurance policy or if he / she obtains a contract with the Company

The above benefits are achieved through purchases made by the insured and / or his family from companies affiliated with European Reliance

How does it work in practice?


1. The interested party applies either online ( or at one of the 5,700 partners of  European Reliance and obtains the card of the program.
2. Make purchases in partner companies

3. Display the program card in order to find out the amount of the refund

4. The purchase is registered and the cardholder can be informed of the amount he has collected as a refund of his purchases, either from the site (, or from his mobile or tablet, through the application of Insurance.


Impact on Society

Thanks to this action, citizens who can not afford the money, have the oppportunity to be insured with no cost, making only the necessary purchases of the month. (super market, gas etc) using the Asfalistikos Goneas card. Τhis program counts more than 510 thous. members and has rewarded financially policyholders with approximately € 2,000,000.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

Sklavenitis, Vodafone, Masoutis, Revoil, BP, EKO, Plaisio, Sephora, Mango, Green Energy, Adidas, Volton Hellenic, Market -in, Adidas, BioMed etc.

Workers Participation

All  employees actively participate in the "Asfalistikos Goneas" program.

Benefits for Οrganization

For European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A., Corporate Social Responsibility is the tool to achieve a sustainable development. Sustainability requires strong economic results and social solidarity to all interested parties, particularly nowadays that citizens are tested. Asfalistikos goneas derives from the company’s duty to ensure that social contribution is not limited to sponsorships, but consists part of our business plan.

Connection with Global Goals

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