Health, Safety and Well-Being Programmes at Eurobank

Health, Safety and Well-Being Programmes at Eurobank

Eurobank Ergasias S.A.

Eurobank is one of the four pillars of the Greek banking system. Moreover, Eurobank group is present in Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and London.


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Objective Action

Health, safety and well–being of employees, constitute priorities for Eurobank. Within this framework, the Group continually ensures modern and safe working environment, while at the same time it plans and implements programmes that promote health and balance between professional and personal life and defend the family institution.


Target Audience

The Programme is aimed at all Bank’s Staff.



Since 2006, the OHSAS 18001: 2007 Certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System has been implemented throughout the Bank's Branch Network while since 2018, 7 office buildings have been incorporated in its scope.

The other programmes and benefits have been gradually integrated into the organized initiatives and are to be continued and further strengthened in the coming years.


The provided programmes regard to:

  • Private healthcare and life insurance for employees and dependent family members.
  • Pension and savings schemes (employee pension plan and group savings plan for employees’ children).
  • Financial benefits and family allowances (wedding allowance, large family benefit, disabled children allowance, kindergarten and special school benefit).
  • Discounted rates for the Bank’s products.
  • Additional annual leave days, on top of the statutory ones, relating to family and working mothers (for example, in case of family emergencies and/or health issues the bank offers reduced working hours for mothers).
  • A restaurant facility with outdoors area, located in our building complex in Nea Ionia, whereby employees and visitors enjoy quality food, based on a healthy and balanced diet, at very affordable prices, while taking a pleasant break.

Tangible proof that the employees are Eurobank’s most valuable asset, is the Occupational Health and Safety Policy that the Bank has put in place since 2005. Eurobank applies all measures required under the national and EU legislation to ensure the health and safety of its employees, customers and associates while, at the same time, implements a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS), certified as per the OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

In this context, the Bank also implements a prevention and safety programme for its employees through various initiatives:

  • It runs four fully-equipped infirmaries in Attica where occupational physicians offer clinical services and medical advice to employees.
  • It provides prescription services free of charge through associated physicians.
  • It offers regular medical check-ups to all employees.
  • It coordinates a blood bank, run by Eurobank staff, to meet the needs of employees and their dependents for blood.

To efficiently deal with any private matters or emergencies that may arise in relation to its staff, Eurobank has put the following prevention and support mechanisms in place:

  • Training in first aid and occupational health and safety including building evacuation and emergency response drills.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): Supporting employees on handling sudden traumatic events and crises inside and outside the workplace (such as robberies, accidents, terrorist acts, workplace violence, inappropriate employee or customer conduct, sudden death, natural disasters etc.).
  • Case Management Service (CM): A dedicated team of consultant psychologists and psychiatrists provide comprehensive support to employees facing difficulties, aiming to help them restore balance on a personal and professional level. A psychologist offers advice to the Bank’s senior officers on handling such issues.
  • Support Line: Employees may consult experienced psychologists until 21:00 hrs daily to get support in handling workplace or family-related problems or any other situations they might be preoccupied with. All communication is strictly confidential.

All relevant information regarding the above initiatives is available on the Bank's intranet site, while employees can also contact the HR4U helpline.

The initiative relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals: 3, 8


Impact on Society

In 2018, a total of 740 employees had a health check-up performed (25% increase compared to 2017), 290 blood units were collected and 181 units were made available to patients following employee requests to meet personal or family needs.

Initiative Location

All Bank’s locations. 

Working with Organization

Collaboration with EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) and Risk Protection and Prevention External Services companies, Security Technicians, Occupational Physicians, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Insurance Company.


Workers Participation

The initiatives’ implementation is coordinated by the Human Resources General Division with the participation of the Divisions of Physical Security, Technical Projects and Branch Network.


Benefits for Οrganization

Security of the Bank’s employees in the workplace, and its clients, covering legislative /regulatory requirements, and employees’ satisfaction concerning the provided benefits and working conditions. To date, 84 Bone Marrow donor registrations have been performed. At regular intervals, evacuation drills are carried out in all branches and administration buildings of the Bank. In 2018, 1,538 security coordinators were trained on first aid, physical security and firefighting (classroom training and e-learning). For all the Bank's premises, Security Technicians carry out measurements of physical factors such as lighting, noise and thermal environment and conduct an annual cumulative measurement study. All Bank facilities have an Occupational Risk Assessment Study. Employee psychological support is provided at 100% of the branches that have been robbed.

Connection with Global Goals

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