Promoting Innovation in local environment – New Customs procedures as a lever for Greek SMEs sustainable growth

Promoting Innovation in local environment – New Customs procedures as a lever for Greek SMEs sustainable growth

Cargo 360 I.K.E.

Objective Action

Development of innovative services for the Greek business environment, which will be governed by the principles of sustainable growth, and will produce efficient results through energy saving and sustainable supply chain management.


Target Audience

Greek importers & exporters, Companies from abroad. Employees in Greece.





Cargo360 was founded in 2018 to offer innovative supportive and consulting services to the Supply Chain of industrial and commercial enterprises. Cargo360 strategy combines EU Customs special procedures and Greece’s location to create hubs of storage of third-country goods for local and other markets’ needs, and, simultaneously, provide flexible logistics tools to Greek exporters. Greek legislation compliance to respective European one, gives Cargo360 the opportunity to provide new human and technological capital intensive services, reducing its ecological footprint and developing environmentally mild economic activity. Cargo360 creates new jobs, employs external service providers and houses its operations in - as much as possible - green buildings.


Impact on Society

Practice implementation will lead to expansion in new markets and industries, clientele increase, hiring of employees, new jobs, and more working space lease.

Initiative Location

Practice is implemented in Greece but also concerns enterprises from abroad.

Working with Organization

Taking into consideration Greek legislation modifications, the practice was set up and implemented by Cargo360, without the cooperation of any other organisation.


Workers Participation

Supply chain and Customs innovative services are provided by Cargo360 specialised employees.


Benefits for Οrganization

Practice development will gradually lead to turnover and profitability increase, as well as green facilities establishment, resulting in the reduction of the environmental footprint of the company and the creation of a more responsible corporate profile.

Connection with Global Goals

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The 'Sustainable Greece 2020' Ιnitiative launched by QualityNet Foundation