NBG’s initiatives for the protection of the environment

NBG’s initiatives for the protection of the environment


National Bank of Greece leads the largest financial group in Greece and SE Europe, boasting a dynamic presence in 12 countries. Altogether, it runs 10 banks and 62 financial organizations.


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Objective Action

Actions of informing and enhancing awareness to stakeholders in environmental protection issues.


Target Audience

Internal and external customers





E-learning “Environmental Policy and Management”: As it is known, distance learning is a useful and modern tool which contributes, among other things against climate change by reducing travel (CO2 reduction) and saving natural resources (paper, toner, etc.). NBG’s E-learning Programme (e-learning) includes a variety of online courses tailored to modern knowledge transfer methods. The implementation and further development of educational practices from distance (distance learning) is a strategic choice for NBG’s Human Resources Development Division within the context of the continuous effort for modernization, training and effective delivery of services, particularly via the use of modern technology and the general goal of the Bank to contribute to the combat against climate change. In the context of the Bank’s CSR and, in particular, environmental protection actions, NBG continued the staff training e-seminar “Environmental Policy and Management”, which is available to the entire NBG staff.

Customers: In the context of enhancing customer awareness about sustainable development issues, a special leaflet describing “Good practices” in the sphere of daily environmental actions was included in the Bank’s CSR information booklet that was distributed in 2013 throughout the Bank’s branch network.

WWF’s global “Earth Hour” campaign: The bank participated for the fifth year in the WWF’s global “Earth Hour” campaign, by switching off the electric power in 5 of its central premises and encouraging its human resources and customers to support this significant initiative.

“Find out your energy-related footprint”: Aiming at informing and raising customer awareness regarding the protection of the environment and taking the appropriate measures, NBG – in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Studies of the University of the Aegean – has set up a special section on the Bank's website www.nbg.gr under Eco Solutions entitled "Find out your energy-related footprint!". Through this section visitors can access information on how and to what extent the way we go about our daily lives impacts the environment. In addition, there is information available on actions designed to contribute to reducing energy consumption while saving money through the choices we make in our homes and when commuting.


Impact on Society

E-learning “Environmental Policy and Management”: The e-seminar is provided by the Group HR Development Division to the entire NBG staff, and was attended in 2013 by 63 employees (378 training hours).

Initiative Location

Throughout Greece

Working with Organization

Collaboration with the Department of Environmental Studies of the University of the Aegean.

Workers Participation

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