Initiatives to encourage local social groups and actions of our area .

Initiatives to encourage local social groups and actions of our area .

Active Citizens of Farsala

All of us in “Active Citizens of Farsala” plan and organize actions of cultural, environmental and educational content so that our co-citizens realize that they could and should take an active part in the development of the social conscience and cultural identity of our area.


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Objective Action

We carry out actions aiming at supporting, improving and facilitating our fellow citizens' lives, choosing  each time appropriate, clever and practical ways to meet their needs.


Target Audience

  • Social Grocery
  • School community
  • Blood Donors' Association
  • Minority community (Roma)
  • Cultural Associations of  the Province of Farsala


Throughout the year of reference


  • Support of the event and the guests of the  2nd   Scientific Conference on Homeric Achilles.

In the context of the cooperation we have developed with the Municipality of Farsala it was proposed that we take on the  planning and the organisation of the event on the part of the nutrition of the participants, the guests and the public present at the event. The company provided the thirty participants and guests as well as the 250 members of the public with everything necessary to  make hospitality unforgettable. 

  • Supply of food and commodities to the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Farsala.

In cooperation with the director of the Social Grocery we identified the needs in food such as flour, oil, milk as well as in a series of items of everyday use. Then, due to the long and especially good relationship between the company and the suppliers, we discussed with them how we could cover the quantities needed for the Social Grocery, either with a donation from their part or with the company covering the cost. By joining forces we succeeded in covering the needs we had identified for the Social Grocery. The successful materialization of this initiative set the foundations for its repetition, as we believe that our contribution works to the benefit of the members of the local community who are in need.

  • Quality nutritional support of the school community during the period of the Panhellenic exams to the students of  the 3rd grade of High School.

The period of the Panhellenic examination is a really stressful one for all the candidates. Knowing the value as well as the role good nutrition plays in stress control, we decided, through scientifically based proposals by doctors and nutritionists, to contribute towards that direction. As a company, we started by offering a meal of their choice and a glass of fresh orange juice to about a hundred and ten candidate students  throughout the examination period. Our initiative had a really positive impact on the student community and their families. We offered more than a hundred meals daily and over  one thousand three hundred meals in total. Mostly the response, but also the positive comments by the students and their parents led us to the decision to  continue this initial in the following years.

  • Nutritional and material support of the Blood Donors' Association and the donors, in the outdoor donations due to covid 19.

Our cooperation with and the support of  the  Blood Donors' Association dates back to 1994 and continues until today. The conditions created in 2020 because of the pandemic led us to a plan that would ensure the realisation of the annual donations but most importantly it would secure the donors'  health and safety. For this reason outdoor donations were planned, which demanded additional equipment such as stands, tables, sunshades and anything else was necessary depending on the weather conditions on the donation day.  What is more, our company assumed the responsibility for ensuring the hygiene of the  meals offered to the donors after  the donation is completed. 


Impact on Society

The impact of most such actions can't be shown in numbers. This doesn't mean it isn't there, though. Most times, if not all, there is positive response  from the community and recognition of our contribution, which the highest reward for the people of our company. The only thing “Gefssi” aims at through its company social responsibility programme it has applied in recent years is to return in practice the trust our fellow citizens have been showing to us all these years. 

Initiative Location

In the town of Farsala and the wider area of our province

Working with Organization

  • Municipality of Farsala
  • Active citizens of Farsala
  • Social grocery
  • Blood Donors' Association
  • Sports clubs

Workers Participation

Participation of the company employees where necessary, either paid or on a voluntary basis.  


Benefits for Οrganization

The company benefits from the company culture created, which is really useful for the people who comprise it, as they get a clear message:

“We look at and we listen for the changes, the  needs but also the creativity taking place outside and around the company”.

Connection with Global Goals

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