Digitization of Human Cultural Heritage and Greek Cultural Heritage

Digitization of Human Cultural Heritage and Greek Cultural Heritage


Objective Action

The aim of the action is to save Hellenic Culture by using new technologies and IT and its emergence throughout the world.
Presentation of the latest scientific developments regarding the digitization of the cultural reserve
Acquaintance of scientists with each other and the creation of cooperation and interconnection links between the Universities with each other, with the Digitization of Greek Culture commonplace.
Exchange of scientific experience through the Congress.
Conclusion of Partnerships at international level.
Utilization of New Technologies for the promotion of Greek Culture and Monuments (Archaeological and Byzantine).
Creation of an international network between Greek Research Laboratories and those from abroad.
Developing a tourist stream to Greece as a destination for Cultural Tourism.
Establishment of this great event and its realization every two years in Greece.
Creating a PORTAL and a Standing Forum of the Scientific Community to exchange scientific knowledge, methods and good practices.
Creation of partnerships for the submission of innovative proposals and the reclamation of national and European programs and resources related to Culture (New employers).
Knowledge and interconnection between research teams at international level.
All the details of the first two conferences can be found on the links:  and


Target Audience

The Invitation to Participate in the Digitization Conferences, which have already become an institution for Greece since 2015, concerns:

Scientific and technological background of Universities, Institutes and Institutes of all levels, with specialization in Archeology, History, Geology, Biology, Anthropology, Chemistry, Informatics, Physics, Mathematics, Cultural Informatics, Polytechnics (Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects etc. ), Researchers of Excavations and Works of Art, Graphic Arts, etc. , specialties that are involved in any way in the big issue of Cultural Heritage Digitization.
Executive Officers of all Ministries of Greece and Cyprus, CIPA, ICOMOS of Greece and Cyprus, Museums, State Archives, State and Private Libraries, Holy Metropolises of the Church of Greece and other Churches, Monasteries, Federations, Associations of Scientists, Association of Greek Conservators, Hellenic Archaeometric Society, Union of Archaeologists, Association of Architects, Collectives, Design Companies, Organizations for the Implementation of National and European Programs, Non-Governmental Organizations and others. as well as the corresponding Agencies of Cyprus.
See LINK all the scientific specialties.



The major Pan-Hellenic Conferences on Cultural Heritage Digitization, missing from Greece, have become a national institution, embraced by the entire Scientific Community, under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic, the Patriarchate of Constantinople and many Ministries, including the Ministry of Culture , the first two conferences with huge success and hundreds of participants (2015 and 2017) will be implemented by the PERREVIA Network and the TEPAK, Piraeus and Thessaly Universities, every two (2) years for the next several years (the 3rd Conference will be held in September 2019, the 4th in 2021, etc.), allowing the Greek culture, the growth potential of the country and the creation of the Cultural Tourist arrivals in Greece.,



The "PERREVIA" Network (see CV, aims to offer research, study, recording, digitization, rescue and promotion of the Greek Culture and more generally the Cultural Stock of Man. For this reason, on 23/8/2013, he organized a round table on the digitization of Cultural Heritage in Larissa (see

Then in collaboration with TEPAK and Piraeus University T.T. organized the 1st in the history of the Hellenic National Hellenic Conference of Cultural Heritage Digitization (500 participants - Volos 24-26 / 9/2015 SEE HERE and on 1-3 / 12 / 2017 the second consecutive Congress again in Volos (500 delegates from 15 countries, SEE HERE These conferences are now institutionalized and are every 2 years, the great meeting of Greeks and Cypriots from all over the world, aiming at the rescue of Hellenic Culture, using the New Technologies.

They are under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic, the Ecumenical Patriarch, many Ministries (Digital Policy, Culture, Tourism), Greek Tourism Organization, Embassy of Cyprus in Greece, many international Organizations and others.

Already, the Organizing Committee visited the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople on March 3, 2018 to further co-operate in the rescue of the Byzantine and Religious Heritage.
All the details of the first two conferences can be found on the links: and



Impact on Society

The Panhellenic Cultural Heritage Digitization Conferences, which are an institution for the country, have been considered as pioneering and innovative for Greece since they bring all the scientific specialties together and embraced by the whole scientific community and are now the largest meeting science with Greek culture.

These conferences are about Culture, Education, New Technologies, Innovation, Cultural Tourism, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

It was embraced by thousands of scientists from Greece and around the world, participating in its work as contributors or rapporteurs, focusing on the study, rescue and promotion of Greek Culture and archaeological, Byzantine and religious monuments.


E-mail: ,

Initiative Location

The Pan-Hellenic Digitization Conferences, which are pan-Hellenic and international in Greece, are organized in large cities in Greece and have the conference infrastructure to accommodate such a great event. There is a huge interest from all the Greek Universities to host it, recognizing the pioneering and innovation of.


Working with Organization

In all of these pioneering and innovative initiatives, the "PERREVIA" Network since 2013 is working closely with the Cyprus University of Technology, the University of Piraeus and the University of Thessaly, with Ministries of Greece and Cyprus, research institutes, local government , with national and international scientific bodies and with Civil Society Organizations. It has a number of scientific associates.


Workers Participation

At the Pan-Hellenic Cultural Heritage Digitization Conferences, dozens of scientists participate on a voluntary basis, from all the involved Organizations, under the organizational responsibility of the "PERREVIA" Network. Employees working high, high-level scientists, researchers, NGO executives, students, etc. for an institution of national importance.


Benefits for Οrganization

The PERREVIA Network, as a Organizer of Culture and Science, through this action, as well as many others (see here some actions at, offers Hellenic Culture, Education, Innovation, Tourism, the New Generation, sustainable development and the exit of the country from the crisis.

It institutes for Greece the Panhellenic Conferences for Cultural Heritage Digitization every two years (I became the two of 2015,2017, the third was announced in 2019, 2021, ...) and also organizes, in view of the major conferences, specialized seminars, workshops, thematic digitization conferences, with hundreds of entries.

In addition, it is attempting a series of interventions at the highest level in Greece and Cyprus to draft a National Operational Plan for the Digitization of Greek Culture and has proposed the establishment of a Greek-Cypriot Intergovernmental Committee for the Digitization of the Cultural Stock.,


Connection with Global Goals

More Initiatives from Organization

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