Quest Benefit Partnerships 2017: ACS with NGOs and Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems and iSquare with educational institutions

Quest Benefit Partnerships 2017: ACS with NGOs and Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems and iSquare with educational institutions


Quest Holdings SA, is the parent company of the Quest Group, one of the largest Groups in Greece, with strong presence in the fields of Information Technology, Electronic Transactions, Green Energy, as well as Courier and Postal Services.


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Objective Action

In order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and the development of society as a whole, ACS and Quest Group technology companies work strategically with NGOs and educational institutions


Target Audience

ACS's co-operation with NGOs strengthens a wide range of social groups, an important place among which children, while technology companies' partnerships with educational institutions support the educational community





In a spirit of commitment to charitable work and utilizing its unique strengths, such as its extensive nationwide network, its quick reactions, organization and credibility, ACS implements large-scale actions, providing services free of charge or at cost, helping citizens, NGOs to contribute to the common good. As an example, ACS's 2017 co-operations with NGOs were as follow:

1. “The Smile Of The Child”: Recognizing its benefits to society and its co-ordinated efforts for children's well-being to address the problems that threaten their lives, ACS strategically contributes to the organization's work with a specially favorable pricing policy for fixed courier and postal services.

2. "Make a Wish" Foundation: ACS supports the foundation "Make a Wish", whose work gives strength to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses with special pricing policy and sponsorship of missions to the program of “Wish Star”

3. Non-Profit Cultural Urban Society “Pyrna”: With the aim of encouraging extra-curricular education in Primary Education, ACS supports the program "BOOKS IN WHEELS®" - of NGO "PYRNA" undertaking the transfer of books from school to school with a favorable pricing policy

4. Greek Institute for Research and Education for Road Safety and the Prevention and Reduction of Traffic Accidents "Panos Mylonas": ACS offered to the Organization the services of sending promotional material for the pan-Hellenic action "European Night with No Accidents"

5. SOS Greece Children's Villages: Taking care of providing a family environment for children in need and creating preventative programs to prevent child abandonment, the organization was supported by ACS by offering courier services

6. SOS Mediterranean Network: ACS provided a favorable pricing policy for the transfer of material intended for volunteers of the 'Clean the Mediterranean' campaign

7. Support for West Attica flood victims: In order to provide effective support to the victims, ACS has used its nationwide branch network and has called for free collection and dispatch of essential items to the flood victims of Western Attica. The action was also supported by the Quest Technologies, Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems and iSquare IT companies, providing essential necessities.

Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems and iSquare implement a set of ongoing qualitative and targeted actions in relation to Technology and Education interconnection, which enhance the quality of the educational process at all levels of education.

1. "Assembling Quest PC": The unique program for hosting students of public and private schools in the production and distribution of Quest desktop computer is systematically implemented by Info Quest Technologies for the last fifteen years. It is an unprecedented experience for students as they are familiar with computer assembling, technical support, and professional orientation.

2. Research on Digital Technology in Education: iSquare, knowing the benefits of using iPad as an educational tool, has been implementing the "Pad 1-1" program in recent years to introduce it to school classes. To evaluate the changes made by iPad's extensive use in learning experience, the company has conducted a research study, in collaboration with the Computer Supported Learning Engineering Lab of the Digital Systems Department of the University of Piraeus in collaboration with the CoSyLLab (Computer Supported Learning Engineering Lab) which was completed in the early months of 2017. The research has highlighted the significant benefits not only of using the iPad in the classroom environment, but also more widely than academic and business collaboration

3. Edupad - Use of Digital Tools in the School Environment: arose from the collaboration of iSquare and a group of select teachers with special knowledge and experience in the use of digital tools in the school environment. It is a set of educational applications and digitized books, classified by type, educational grade and cognitive field, easily accessible by students, parents and teachers of all levels, from nursery to high school. The purpose of is to help everyone involved in the educational process to make effective use of and use the educational applications in the best possible way.

4. Digitization of School Books: In collaboration with a team of educators, iSquare has digitized, especially for Apple's iOS operating system, the primary and elementary school elementary school curricula so that it is accessible inside and outside the school environment and continually renews the content, according to the improvements and changes of the Ministry of Education.

5. Workshops for Teachers: iSquare, aiming to contribute in the best possible way to informing the teachers about the new possibilities offered by the new technologies in the educational process, systematically organizes educational seminars and workshops, either to a wider audience or to specialized per educational institution.

6. National Cyber ​​Security Team: The 10-member Cyber ​​Security Group, which promotes cyber security know-how and capabilities and is supported by Piraeus University, participated in the final of the major pan-European Cyber ​​Security Challenge 2017 (ECSC ' 17). Its participation was supported by Info Quest Technologies and Uni Systems as donors of the mission.


Impact on Society

For the aforementioned collaborations, ACS carried out 13,491 courier/postal services, Info Quest Technologies welcomed 392 students who assembled Quest PC in 5-member teams, iSquare conducted a survey of 53 teachers, 424 parents and 1172 students and provided training to more than 100 teachers. Overall, the level of the Quest's social contribution for 2017 through partnerships and other actions amounted to € 720,280

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

Selected NGOs and educational institutions

Workers Participation

Employees were able to participate in ACS action to support the flood victims of Western Attica, while groups of workers were involved in collaborations with educational institutions

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