Quest Group realizes a complete plan aiming to safeguard Health and Safety of employees

Quest Group realizes a complete plan aiming to safeguard Health and Safety of employees


Quest Holdings SA is the parent company of the Quest Group, one of the largest groups of companies in Greece, with a strong presence in the sectors of Digital Technologies, E-Commerce, Electronic Transactions, Green Energy, as well as Courier Services and Postal Services.


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Objective Action

Health and safety of employees and safeguarding of business continuity throughout the pandemic covid-19 


Target Audience

All Quest Group employees 



March 2020 to date


Quest Group recognizes its human capital as key to its growth and development. Since the first Covid-19 cases appeared in Europe, the Group and its companies designed a complete plan to confront the pandemic, having in its core health and safety of all employees, and business continuity.

Due to geographic dispersion of employees, the challenge was multifaceted: 9 companies in 6 countries, approximately 2000 employees, working in 15 buildings, 10 retail stores, 2 sorting centers, 1 service/ logistics center, needed to adapt promptly to the new working circumstances.

The readaptation of the operations and procedures, the development of new services and mainly the continuous communication of the Management with every employee, constituted the core of the action plan.

Briefly, the following were realized:

  • Business continuity plan by each company.
  • Regular updates about the evolution of the pandemic through intranet, corporate social media, online meetings with each department separately, posters and e-mails.
  • Regular reminders to the employees regarding the health & safety measures and processes.
  • Teleworking for about 1000 employees – 99% of employees that didn’t need physical presence. The Group has avant garde and secure ICT infrastructure, that made it possible to work remotely since the first day.
  • Provision of extra laptops to the personnel to support teleworking.
  • Continuous support from HR and IT teams
  • Operation of client service delivery centers to limit employees’ transportation.
  • Provision of equipment – masks, gloves, sanitizers – to employees. Special care about employees who work at the sorting centers, logistics and delivery service.
  • Digitalization and continuation of training and development programs. Support of training through Linkedin Learning.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of all building, as well as provision of sanitizers. Disinfection of the buildings every weekend by specialized professionals. Mandatory calculation of people temperature by thermometers at the entrance of buildings. Special rugs put in place at the entrance of buildings.
  • Restructuring of communal spaces to keep distances.
  • Plexiglass safeguards and signaling at spaces visited by clients.
  • Regular updates to clients and partners regarding the measures and actions taken.
  • Continuous psychological support to employees and their families by specialized service EAP HELLAS.
  • Return to workplace plans.
  • Provisional tests for employees, through collaboration with a network of 15 diagnostic centers.
  • Research about teleworking and satisfaction by the operational model (98% satisfaction).
  • Flexible working hours for employees whose physical presence was needed, to facilitate employees and avoid transportation during pick hours.
  • Flexible working hours for parents whose children in tele-education.
  • Digitalization of internal procedures to succeed seamless operations without physical presence. Docusign implementation is a great example.
  • Motivation of employees to participate to voluntary blood donation.
  • Extra bonus to employees that needed to work under specific circumstances.
  • Enhancement of resources, no income reduction, and no denunciation of working agreement.


Impact on Society

Health and safety at work. No interuption of operations. Employees feel the Group's support in action.  

Initiative Location

6 countries, 15 buildings, 10 retail stores, 2 sorting centers, 1 service and logistics center.

Working with Organization

EAP Hellas, Corporate Doctor, 15 Health Centers, Health and Safety at work Services 

Workers Participation

IT, HR, Corporate Communications, Management Team

Benefits for Οrganization

Health and safety of human resources. Business continuity. 

Connection with Global Goals

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