"I AM IN" PROGRAM FOR TACKLING SCHOOL LEAKAGE (2nd cycle 9 / 2016-6 / 2017)

"I AM IN" PROGRAM FOR TACKLING SCHOOL LEAKAGE (2nd cycle 9 / 2016-6 / 2017)


MYTILINEOS was founded in Greece in 1990, has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1995 and is a member of the FTSE LARGE CAP high capitalization index and a leading international industrial and energy company. The Company is active in the fields of Metallurgy, Electricity and Natural Gas, Sustainable Development Projects, and the Renewable Energy Development and Storage Sector, with more than 4,800 direct and indirect employees and more than 9,000 overseas employees. Its complex business activity is a driving force for the Greek economy, while it has a dynamic presence on all 5 continents with a consolidated turnover of € 2.6 billion.

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Objective Action

MYTILINEOS completed the implementation of the 2nd Cycle of the Innovative Program "I AM IN" to address the School Leakage in the 7th School Community of South Attica in direct collaboration with the Association "Together for the Child". MYTILINEOS through the program "I AM IN", chooses to actively contribute to addressing one of the biggest social and political issues in Greece, that of ensuring the rights of the child and the level of education in a particularly difficult period. According to data from the Ministry of Education, Research in 2016 and exclusively in the region of Attica, about 2,800 students in the three classes of the High School, did not continue school, ie 3% of students. In addition, more than 4.4 million children across Europe (according to data from the European Youth Pact) drop out of school early in their education, losing the opportunity to learn and acquire skills, knowledge and qualifications that will they could use during their lifetime in order to participate in the creation and development of a prosperous society without exclusions. Therefore, ensuring the educational path of students with the aim of completing basic education through the "I AM IN" program, in addition to ensuring the right of children to education, in the long run contributes positively to tackling poverty and unemployment while in the medium term develops a a strong network of social solidarity "against" educational and social exclusion.


Target Audience

  • B & C High School students participating in the program
  • Teachers of the 7th School Community & volunteer teachers
  • Families of students participating in the program
  • Employees of MYTILINEOS


September 2016 - June 2017


The program works for 60 children of B '& C' Gymnasium from 8 schools of the 7th School Community of Athens that are at high risk of school dropout.

The program consists of 3 basic units which operate in combination to cover the needs of the 7th School Community of the prefecture of Attica and other groups of beneficiary population.

Section 1:

Supportive education program for students with learning difficulties, vulnerable to school dropout. It includes hours of teaching philology, mathematics and physicochemistry, and parallel implementation of experiential activities aimed at the mental empowerment of students and the self-confidence of children by developing their social spirit and skills. Also the provision of a free nutritious, healthy meal, school supplies, new shoes and other material goods will substantially contribute to the improvement of their food insecurity.

Section 2:

Teacher training program in the management of students with learning difficulties and with the aim of their mental empowerment. It consists of hours of counseling and guidance of teachers who will teach, within the program, and hours of training by psychologists to manage both students with psychological problems and crises at school. This training concerns the teachers of the program but also other teachers who wish to attend it from the schools of the 7th School Community.

Section 3:

Material and psychological support of vulnerable families with the possibility of attending up to 8 free family sessions at the Counseling Center of the Union "Together for the Child" as well as providing free feeding to up to 5 families for a period of 6 months if they meet the necessary financial criteria.

Elements of innovation and avant-garde.

The program is characterized as innovative because in addition to its uniqueness (avant-garde) it has the following elements: 1) The program is designed in such a way that it is fully measurable and has measurement indicators for all its objectives that arise through simple or more complex research tools. 2) It has as its main component the research and evaluation in the context of which the beneficiaries of the program are invited to evaluate it throughout its duration through anonymous weighted questionnaires and focused discussions. 3) Students' progress is monitored in collaboration with their morning schools. 4) Utilizes the institutional framework for the operation of experimental schools, with the aim of sharing alternative teaching methods for children at high risk of school dropout.


Impact on Society

Qualitative and quantitative results of the 2nd Cycle of the "I AM IN" program September 2016- June 2017, as emerged from the final evaluation report of the Prolepsis Institute:

  • 57 students participated: Operation for the 2nd year of a class of B 'Gymnasium with 21 students and operation for the 1st year of a class of C' Gymnasium 36 students in total.
  • The program created 10 new jobs: 3 psychologists, 1 Social Worker and 6 special education teachers. A total of 20 people from 4 different social organizations were employed.
  • 1,026 hours of remedial teaching were implemented.
  • 4,700 healthy meals were offered.
  • A total of 144 hours of experiential activities & psychological empowerment were implemented (6 hours per week).
  • 300 hours of psychological interventions were implemented on children, teachers and parents. (32 hours of psychological interventions for parents, 32 hours for teachers, 171 hours for students in groups and 36 hours for students and parents individually).
  • School supplies and consumables were offered for 57 students: Throughout the year, notebooks and pens were given to all children, consumables for school and teachers such as markers, blackboards and other consumables for the psychologists' experiential activities, A4 paper, chalks, slides, photocopies of exercises and other teacher supplies A4 paper and toilet paper were also given to the school, school bags and shoes were given to all the children, Christmas presents were given to all the children ) school material, new shoes other material goods to the students of the program.
  • 18 focus groups of students, teachers and parents were implemented.
  • 6 families joined the free feeding program for 6 months: A total of 28 beneficiaries in whom € 11,760 euros were invested for the 6 months.

Two major evaluations of the program were carried out by the Prolepsis Institute.


  • As it emerged from the final evaluation, the program covered the food insecurity of the students, improved their psychological and social function, contributing significantly to the improvement of their student performance.
  • The school performance of the students showed an overall improvement, increasing the average grade of the school year from 12.3 that was in the previous school year to 13.4 this year.
  • The program had a positive effect on students' attitudes regarding school and school performance. None of the students we had information about remained unchecked for September, while all students at high risk of leakage reported staying at school.
  • The most important motivation that the students had in their stay in the program is the possibility of understanding lessons that they did not understand before as well as the acquisition of new friends (75%).
  • The percentage of students who find school lessons interesting (by 30%) and the percentage of students who can cope with school pressure (by 11%) increased significantly.
  • Regarding the measurement of the quality of life of the students, the biggest improvement was observed in the Social function, with 72.7% of the children having increased their summary result, while for the other three indicators (Physical health, Emotional health, and School function ) the improvement rate is 63.6%.
  • 87.6% of the students would strongly recommend the program to other classmates.

Initiative Location

It covers the needs of the schools of the 7th School Community of the prefecture of Attica and is implemented in the inclusions of the 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens.


Working with Organization

MYTILINEOS strategy, in the context of its responsible operation and the strengthening of its social contribution, is the support of selected social programs that can contribute substantially and with tangible results, in the strengthening of the social cohesion and the confrontation of the evolving economic crisis in a particularly difficult season for the country.

In this direction, MYTILINEOS collaborated with the Association "Together for the Child" for the design of the Innovative Program "I Am In". The program is implemented from 2015 until today with the full financial support of MYTILINEOS, whose executives participated in the basic stages of program design. The detailed formulation of the action was implemented by the Association for "Together for the Child", mobilizing its valuable knowledge and many years of experience in the field of social program development, based on the scientific support of the non-profit company "MERIMNA" and the research organization "Prolepsis" who collaborated with a group of volunteer teachers from the 2nd Experimental High School of Athens and an executive from the Center for Research and Applications of School Psychology of the University of Athens.


Workers Participation

MYTILINEOS Corporate Social Responsibility Service.

Benefits for Οrganization

MYTILINEOS social policy prioritizes the support of local communities, non-governmental organizations and other important social partners, as well as the implementation of programs to strengthen social cohesion through partnerships focused on the exchange and transfer of knowledge, experience and good practices. , in addition to the financial contribution. An integral part of this policy is the "I AM IN" program.

Also, the program, in addition to the social goals and objectives that it serves by its nature, is part of the actions of the new three-year strategic plan of Social Contribution of MYTILINEOS (2016-2019), called "ACTUALLY". The ultimate goal of this project is the implementation of selected actions, through expanded and effective collaborations, to strengthen social cohesion and the protection of Human Rights, but also to align the company with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030 and in this case: 4, 10 & 17) in the context of its responsible operation.

Finally, the implementation of the program strengthened the coverage of specific criteria of the MYTILINEOS progress report in the context of its participation in the UN Universal Pact (CoP Global Compact - Advanced Level).

Connection with Global Goals

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