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Robotics in the mainstream / mandatory curriculum of public schools - Skills Labs

Robotics in the mainstream / mandatory curriculum of public schools - Skills Labs


The educational non-profit organization eduACT with actions across whole Greece brings innovation to the training of tomorrow's leaders. Educational workshops, science and robotics are combined to cultivate values to improve the quality of their life and their social environment.

Objective Action

Reform and Ecmodernization of the curriculum 

According to the Ministry of Education,  the need for reform of the content and philosophy of the curricula is an imperative need as in many cases this has been neglected for decades on end.The introduction of educational robotics to schools constitutes the starting line and the cornerstone of the wider reform project for the upgrade and the modernization of greek public schools and the educational system overall. 

Building teachers' self-esteem regarding new technologies

The time of the targeted training as well as the constant support from Eduact and its partners prioritized the cultivation of self-esteem and fluency/ease relating to the use of new technologies as didactical tools. 



Target Audience

The project's target audience is Elementary and Junior High Students, divided into two categories based on which the equipment and educational-pedagogical roles are adapted: FLL Robotics Explore and FLL Robotics Challenge 




The initiative comes full circle per academic year (9 months).



This initiative of Eduact for the introduction of educational robotics as a didactical tool in the mandatory, weekly, hourly schedule of public schools constitutes global innovation in the network of 107 countries of First and Lego Education. In the meantime, it is the greatest robotics program in the globe numbering 60.312 teams and 504.000 students.


The educational, not-for-profit association Eduact, recognizing the contemporary need for an upgrade of the notion of school aiming at the reinforcing the cultivation of soft skills, life, digital and science skills in the student body, just like Minedu recognized them, designed and facilitated the Robotics and STEAM FLL robotics in School.


Impact on Society

Qualitative results

- Global innovation for Greece which introduces educational robotics at the mandatory weekly hourly schedule of public schools.

- Promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration in schools of the country. Communication and cooperation channels amongst teachers of different specialties and grades/levels as the joint goal setting and effort from their part were elements necessary for the implementation of the program. 

- Promotion of the 

- Creation, utilization and … of educational channels that leads the concepts of STEM and scientific research to their practical application in the real world. 

Quantitative Results 

- Cooperation with 14 school units all over Greece

- Participation of more than 2000 students in the program

- Training and collaboration with over 140 teachers around Greece


Initiative Location

The initiative related to public schools of the country, serving even the most remote areas of the territory. An important challenge was the need for remote organization and implementation of the program. Eduact´s team, with a solid strategy, bridged the gap, without compromising the quality and impact of the project. Indicatively, 140 teachers were trained remotely, equipment was sent to partner schools to meet the needs of 2,000 students, while a teacher and equipment support line was facilitated.


Working with Organization

The formalization followed the 26-02-2020 invitation of the Ministry of Education / IEP, with the theme: "SKILLS LABORATORIES: Invitation to Submit Training Programs and / or Training Material", when the team of experts of IEP approved the training program Eduact on the IEP platform (with reference number 114028/2020).

The time period for finding supporters was limited, as the scientific approval from YPAITH - IEP was completed only in June 2020. However, synergies immediately arose due to the pioneering, for international data, nature of the program. Specifically, the company ‘O3 - Out of the Ordinary’, undertook the complete training of 140 teachers. At the same time, ‘AEGEAS AMKE’, ‘DOW’, the ‘Behrakis Foundation’ and Mrs. Maria Hatsopoulos supported the action in many ways and mainly financially supported the purchase of educational robotics equipment. 



Workers Participation

This is a big-scale initiative that needs multifaceted support. The staff, members, volunteers and partners of the organization have supported the effort through each and every one of its stages so far (submission of a proposal, establishment of an educational program, training of educational content, evaluation, etc.).


Benefits for Οrganization

The initiative communicates Eduact's vision - To create a better tomorrow with innovation and quality in education. Introducing the concept of innovation in the educational process, the Organization aims to offer the stimulus for creativity to students and teachers. Eduact combines research, learning and entertainment to educate and inspire tomorrow's innovators. Besides, the participants in the program are encouraged to participate in both the National and the Global Robotics Competition organized by Eduact online in order to share and develop their innovative ideas and creative concerns.

Connection with Global Goals

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