SKAG supports “Clean Hands”

SKAG supports “Clean Hands”


Th. C. SKAGIAS S.A., was established in 1956,  by Theodore Skagias and is the leading stationery producer in Greece. SKAG has 4 major product categories: School, commercial, Filing and arts & crafts items.

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Objective Action

Supporting recycling activities, especially personal hygiene products for social vulnerable groups.


Target Audience

Socially vulnerable groups, institutions, welfare bodies, community grocery shops, as well as families in need who request help from “Clean Hands” organization.



The action began in 2012 on the island of Kos from a group with socially "sensitive" citizens, based on the idea that in a period of deep crisis and recession there is need not only for food but also for basic toiletries.


Th. C. SKAGIAS S.A. (SKAG) is a Greek company established in 1956 by Theodore Skagias manufacturing stationery and office supplies in Greece. The company produces stationery as well as digitally printed stationery of high quality and premium value with environmental conscience and an innovative view point. Corporate Social Responsibility for SKAG is not a matter of choice, but a continuous involvement in reducing directly or indirectly the negative effect of its operations and increase of the company’s societal involvement.

Having in mind the rules of good practice, the company has developed a “Code of Ethical Trade” – CET called SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Date Exchange) concerning Corporate Social Responsibility in cooperation with the suppliers and non-profit organizations. The goal of this particular ethical code, is the environmental and community standards, which SKAG requires from all partners to be followed. In connection with the acceptance of the main ideas of the Code CET, the company supports quite a few non-profit organizations, like “Clean Hands” organizations. SKAG is supporting this NPO by providing filing products as well as stationery for the smooth operation of NPO “Clean Hands”. Moreover the company informs all the schools and students that visit SKAG production plant, on a weekly basis, about the recycling process as well as the goals and the activities of “Clean Hands” organization. Additionally, the company supports the distribution of the personal hygiene products that “Clean hands” produces, helping socially vulnerable groups.

“Clean Hands” started its activity in 2012 in the island of Kos, based on the idea that in times of deep recession and social crisis, there is a demand not only in food, but also in personal hygiene products such as soap. “Clean Hands” is the only organization in Greece that is officially certified for recycling soap. Specifically, they collect soap remains from hotels, in an efficient and legal way and convert them into soap, which in turn is given to socially vulnerable groups in Greece (as well as to developing countries, protecting their health). Meanwhile, apart from the humanistic provision for the improvement of health and hygiene, the activities of “Clean Hands” NPO is of high importance for the protection of the environment, as it helps in reducing the volume of waste material from hotels. Helping people to enjoy life more the GSSE "Clean Hands” through various actions, promotes the prevention, education, reuse and recycling as well as in general sustainable waste management, natural resources, water and energy and sustainable development at a local, national and European as well as international level.


Impact on Society

Currently two tons of soap have been distributed to vulnerable groups, foundations, civic bodies, community Grocery shops as well as in individual cases of poor families in the Greek territory. With the transfer of the seat of the organization from Kos to Athens, taking place at this time, there will be a greater turnout of volunteers which would increase the final outputs.

Initiative Location

The first recycled soap in Greece was created in Kos from "Clean Hands” in 2012. Right now the head office of the organization is moving to Athens.

Working with Organization

The Non-Profit Organization “Clean Hands” promotes its campaign in cooperation with SKAG, informing schools and students who visit the production plant SKAG in Kryoneri, Athens, Greece.


Workers Participation

Our support is conducted through the provision of materials, such as stationery and filing products, as well as participatory as company employees who are responsible for informing and guiding students in the production unit of SKAG, inform them of the purpose and the activities of “Clean Hands” organization.


Benefits for Οrganization

• Improved corporate image of SKAG.
• Promotion of responsible corporate profile.
• Access innovative products to socially vulnerable groups, environment friendly.
• The satisfaction of the need for supply and support of vulnerable social groups. 
• The voluntary action of the company employees.
• The emergence of positive results to the community through participatory effort.

Connection with Global Goals

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