Social Responsibility Report

Social Responsibility Report


INTERAMERICAN was founded in 1969. Ιn 2001 the company was incorporated in one of the top European financial groups, ACHMEA. INTERAMERICAN is a leader in the insurance market in Health and Assistance Services, whilst is being included among the top companies in Life and Pension insurance sectors.


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Objective Action

INTERAMERICAN has recognized that through its essential commitment to social responsibility the incorporation of CSR into its corporate strategy and the comprehensive implementation of CSR with regard to the Company's business activities and function –extending from corporate governance to its relations with the shareholders, the employees and associates, the insured, as well as its social and environmental contribution– may ensure its integrity regarding the corporate values it represents: transparency, fairness, team spirit, collaboration, performance and professionalism. Corporate Social Responsibility is integral element, governing INTERAMERICAN's business conduct.

The Company's aim is to firmly contribute to the sustainable development of the society and to produce an added value for its stakeholders. In order to fulfil this aim, it implements the strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility based on the following axes:

- Compliance with the existing laws, pursuit of transparency, integrity and participation in governance.
- Systematic Management that includes procedures, management performance systems, innovation and professionalism with regard to insurance systems, the insurance plans and provided services.
- Accountability and an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report drafted in accordance with international standards and initiatives.


Target Audience

For INTERAMERICAN, the Annual Report is the basic communication tool -but not the only one- with the stakeholders who are divided into two categories.


The first relation type of mutual interest pertains to Clients, Shareholders, Personnel and Associates and the State-Local Authorities.

The second relation type is comprised by the Local Communities, Non Governmental-Non Profit Organizations, the Business Community and the Media.




The Social Responsibility Report functions as leverage for the Company to redefine itself by mapping out its strategy, commitments and management practices in five pivotal areas:

1. economy and governance,
2. clients and market,
3. employees,
4. society,
5. environment.


Impact on Society

INTERAMERICAN's CSR Report is awarded by the University of the Aegean: The Laboratory of Corporate Environmental Policy and Management of the University of the Aegean evaluated INTERAMERICAN's 2013 CSR Report and awarded the Company the 3rd Prize for its comprehensiveness, quality and materiality on the basis of the international model GRI-G3.1 guidelines.

Multiple distinctions for INTERAMERICAN's CSR Report at the annual BRAVO AWARDS: The Company's CSR Report was bestowed multiple distinctions by the evaluators-representatives of the social partners participating in the proceedings of "BRAVO - Dialogue on Sustainable Development" within the framework of the published 2013 CSR Reports. The Dialogue was organized for the fourth consecutive year by the QualityNet Foundation under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change and the Ministry of Development & Competitiveness. The Company's Report was distinguished for four out six evaluation categories:

- Sustainability Management and Governance
- Stakeholders' engagement and Materiality
- Consumers and Market
- Society.

On account of its total high score, INTERAMERICAN's CSR Report was nominated among the top four first-comer reports. It is worth mentioning that a total of 31 CSR Reports were evaluated. In the open dialogue take part representatives of various groups, such as academics, journalists, institutional bodies, consumers, non-profit organizations, all of them required to document how they perceive the evaluated Reports on the basis of specific standards (Perception Index).

Initiative Location

Working with Organization

The Social Responsibility Report is drafted in collaboration and under the direction of external consultants. Furthermore, the Company also collaborates with TÜV Austria that vouches for the Report.


Workers Participation

INTERAMERICAN's CSR Report is the vehicle of communication for all actions of social responsibility incorporated into the program "Actions for Life" of the INTERAMERICAN Group, exponents and participants of which are all employees of the Company.


Benefits for Οrganization

INTERAMERICAN acknowledges that social responsibility exercised on the practical level produces considerable value for the Company, enhances its reputation, prestige and reliability, elements that are closely associated with ensuring its leading presence in the Greek insurance market.

Connection with Global Goals

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