Support redevelopment of Children's Hospital P. & A. Kiriakou

Support redevelopment of Childrens Hospital P. & A. Kiriakou

Lidl Ελλάς & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ

Objective Action

Our goal is to help providing the right environment of residence or examination areas of children patients and to create a pleasant and safe environment for children.


Target Audience

Support of all our fellow human beings, especially children.



November - December 2015.


One of our main CSR pillars is Health. Consistently over the years, the company actively participates in programs supporting the communities in which it operates. Faithful to our corporate commitment to support society, we developed a new action, which combines good quality food with an energy of love and compassion.

For almost five years we support the NGO "Open Arms" mainly the preventive medicine campaigns carried out in remote areas of continental and insular areas.

This year we moved a step above our longstanding relationship. With our allies Lefteris Lazarou and Dimitris Skarmoutsos and their dreamy "cooking" journey, we grew our arms. We supported through the NGO  "Open Arms" the reconstruction of the Pediatric Hospital Kiriakou in Athens.

Specifically, as culmination of our creative collaboration those two years, we decided together with our chefs to organize a “delicious journey” and offer it to our customers. A cooking book with 100 delicious recipes by Lazarou and Skarmoutso guaranteed with the quality of Lidl products was available for our customers in order for them to cook delicious and healthy meals.

From November 16 until the end of the year we offered for free this luxurious cooking book to those customer who conducted 5 purchases of 30€ and at the same time we donated 1€ for every given cooking book, to the redevelop project of the Pediatric Hospital. We donated 120.000 € in order to regenerate the outpatient area. 

So far 200 sq.m. were regenerated while in the next two years another 400 sq.m. will be reconstructed. We will therefore actively contribute with a further support of a total investment of 600,000 €. This amount will be allocated to also provide necessary hospital equipment.


Impact on Society

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

NGO Open Arms 

Workers Participation

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