The economic gorwth of the area in Numbers

The economic gorwth of the area in Numbers

Hellas Gold

The mining company HELLAS GOLD SA was established in December 2003 with aiming to: Operate mines of all kinds, processing and marketing of minerals, establish and operate metalworking operations for vertical integration of production in Halkidiki.


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Objective Action

90% of Hellas Gold personnel is occupied by inhabitants of Aristoteles Municipality.

Tourism is one of the most significant economic growth pillars for the whole region. We cooperate close together with regional and local authorities, tourism agencies and hotels to contribute to the creation and the implementation of significant promotional campaigns aiming for the development of the local touristic product in a way that affects all the areas and the villages of Aristoteles Municipality.

Road network maintenance, infrastructure development and civil protection are indicative of our commitment to the local well-being of the area and also validate our commitment to create added value for the broader society.

Our efforts are displayed in the coverage of the school needs and the support of the local high school and university students. Hellas Gold contributes to the coverage of basic needs of the local schools, needs relevant to heating, electrical and electronic equipment while every year we give scholarships to students that succeeded to enter universities.


Target Audience

The citizens of the Aristotele Municipality and the citizens of the municipalities around the projects.





Hellas Gold actively invests in the development of the country through direct and indirect local employment, strengthening the local economy and managing the environmental impacts of the company's operation.

Hellas gold is supporting the local community, education, health, culture, sport, civil protection, infrastructure and public services, to create value for the area, improving the quality of life of residents.
Specifically, the main pillars of the approach are summarized below:

  • Investing in local employment:

The company's recruitment in the region is following the rule specifies that 90% of employees must be from the municipality of Aristotle.

  • Strengthening the local economy

In addition to the direct jobs and employment by sub-contractors, the company also supports local suppliers and other indirect and inducted jobs’ creation. In this context, they open new jobs, supporting industries related to mining activity, while the boosting liquidity benefits the local economy, the market and trade, creating a network of cooperating firms.
The tourist industry is one of the important pillars of development of the local economy in the entire Aristotle municipality. We support tourism by working closely with local government and with relevant local agencies, travel agencies and hotel companies for the creation and implementation of significant promotional programs that aimed to claim the development of all forms of tourism - in every corner of the Aristotle Municipality.

  • Contributing to civil protection, infrastructure and services

Projects supporting road network, infrastructure and civil protection are parts of our effort to upgrade the overall quality of life not only of employees or contractors-suppliers, but for all the inhabitants of the region.
The forest protection, fire protection, support flood control works and environmental proofing in the wider region, but also the existence of a highly trained volunteer rescue team are also actions that highlight Hellas Gold social responsibility and value creation.

  • Support education

Hellas Gold covers operational needs of schools and supports students in the region. Costs related to the basic operational needs of schools in the area, such as heating and electronic equipment covered by the company, while also a reward is given every year to graduates that achieve their entry into higher education institutions.

  • Shielding of local health structures

Hellas Gold supports local health structures as well, which is why we invest significant amounts of money to cover part of the operating costs of the Central Health Palaiochorio and area clinics. More specifically, our donations are used for the modernization of equipment and their installations, for heating and other needs.

  • Support local sport and culture

Strengthening associations of local groups and cover operational needs of the actions and initiatives of associations and organizations is also an expression of our contribution to the local community. Specifically, we supported almost all of the cultural and sports associations of Mademohoria and the wider region.


Impact on Society

  • 13% of the suppliers from Aristoteles municipality
  • Local purchases equal 20,500,000€ in 2016 in a municiplaity of 20.000 inhabitants
  • 2,000,000€ for coroporate social responsibiltiy initiatives in 2016
  • In 2016 85% of the personel are locals
  • 54% of Hellas Gold management are inhabitants of Aristoteles Municiplaity as well.
  • Demographic development of the region in several villages exceeds 15%

Initiative Location

Municipality or Aristoteles.

Working with Organization

Business and Workers Associations.

Workers Participation

The unions of the company's workers are pushing for an increase of the jobs provided and the suppliers in the region are pushing for expanding their cooperation with the company.


Benefits for Οrganization

The company improves the capabilities of suppliers around the project by building an effective distribution network for the supplies. The economic development of the region indirectly strengthens and actions in the tourism and agricultural sector by demonstrating that they can coexist with mining.

Connection with Global Goals

More Initiatives from Organization

Business communication strategy

Cooperation with Academia

Development through local suppliers support

Disclosure of corporate objectives and relevant achievements

Environmental footprint reduction

Hellas Gold Environmental Monitoring System

HELLAS GOLD supports the labor market newcomers

Impoving Living conditions to the communities around the projects

Promoting operational responsibility culture

Resource management with the aim of zero environmental impact

Summer Intership Program for Aristoteles Municipality Students

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