Voluntary social contribution campaign “Testimony of Solidarity, Act of Life: We Champion the Right to Life and Dignity”

Voluntary social contribution campaign “Testimony of Solidarity, Act of Life: We Champion the Right to Life and Dignity”


INTERAMERICAN was founded in 1969. Ιn 2001 the company was incorporated in one of the top European financial groups, ACHMEA. INTERAMERICAN is a leader in the insurance market in Health and Assistance Services, whilst is being included among the top companies in Life and Pension insurance sectors.


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Objective Action

Our primary objective is to offer relief to vulnerable fellow men and women who find themselves in situations of extreme distress, living below the poverty threshold with obvious needs. A secondary objective is to raise awareness and prompt INTERAMERICAN’s employees and partners into making a larger social contribution and to embed a corporate culture of solidarity. 


Target Audience

Addressed to persons in situations of poverty, mainly through social services and local communities. 



Systematically implemented since 2012 and ongoing. 


The initiative is part of the campaign “Testimony of Solidarity, Act of Life”, an ongoing project articulated in a chain of initiatives per year, already into the fourth year of implementation. The core idea is to support dignity for financially and socially destitute citizens, meeting their needs in basic consumer goods, mainly food, whereas the Company also offers healthcare using its own health services infrastructure. In particular, in 2014 and 2015 the following were implemented: 

1. INTERAMERICAN’s volunteers offered foodstuffs to the “Homeless Foundation” of the City of Athens (ΚΥΑDΑ) 

The Company supports the Homeless Foundation on a permanent basis since 2012 mobilizing active citizens – “Volunteers for Life” among its own human resources and the sales network. At the same time, INTERAMERICAN sponsors festive meals offered by the City of Athens at Easter, on Easter Sundays and on New Year Days to the poor and the homeless.  

2. Donation of foodstuffs to the NGO “Mission” operated by the  Orthodox Church 

The Company offered 1,2 tons of foodstuffs to the NGO “Mission” operated by the Church of Greece on the occasion of a concert organized in co-operation with the Popular Orchestra “Mikis Theodorakis” for the same purpose. 

3. Employment project for the homeless and the poor in co-operation with the NGO DIOGENES 
The NGO Diogenes, awarded by the Presidency of the Republic, has put in practice the excellent idea of social inclusion by offering employment to the homeless and the poor. INTERAMERICAN supports the magazine “SHEDIA” (sold by homeless people aiming at social inclusion and at securing elementary income) and other activities organized by the NGO Diogenes such as the national football team which takes part in the annual world cup “street soccer”. 2015 was the eighth year in which INTERAMERICAN was a contributor to the team that represented our country at the 13th Homeless World Cup Tournament by offering travel and accident insurance to the members of the Greek delegation. The insurance provided by the Company covered both the competition and the traveling part. Moreover, INTERAMERICAN has “adopted” the monthly street magazine “shedia” by securing a place of regular distribution at its offices and with subscription support. 

4. Co-organization of the “Week of Solidarity and awareness-raising of the citizens of Patras” 
The Week for Solidarity and awareness-raising of the citizens of Patras organized in the capital city of Achaia for the third consecutive year from 4 to 10 May by INTERAMERICAN and the Media agency PELOPONNISSOS, was met with tremendous success. Several agencies and the local community were strongly mobilized by the activities on offer. The aim was to support social groups and structures collecting foodstuffs, articles of clothing, books, meeting health care needs with blood donation, medical checks and collection of medicines, preventing road risks by providing information on appropriate driving behaviour, caring for the urban environment, and fostering social cohesion with entertainment and cultural happenings.   

Typically, over 4 tons of foodstuffs and other items from many collection points were assembled at INTERAMERICAN’s offices in Patras, with constant support from PELOPONNISSOS (newspaper and, and distributed to the food bank of the City of Patras, the organisers of municipal kitchen soups, the municipal company of Dimeon and the “Cellar of Love” of the Holy Diocese. The Company has a permanent partnership with the Media Organization for the benefit of the local community that has become an annual institution.  

5.Supporting the social initiative INSURE-IT by insurance brokers and the Municipality of Mytilene to insure indigent and uninsured islanders. 
INTERAMERICAN offered annual insurance coverage at privileged premiums (low cost) including immediate medical assistance and health care to the dispossessed of Mytilene, with the economic contribution of the Municipality of Lesbos via the Organization of Social Solidarity. Overall, free benefits were allocated to 131 persons affected by poverty for the time period 1.4.2014 to 31.3.2015. Also, the local Union of Hoteliers and INTERAMERICAN provide similar insurance coverage with immediate medical assistance and health care to destitute denizens of Santorini.


Impact on Society

In total, from the onset of the campaign (2012) to 2015, the people of INTERAMERICAN delivered over 10 tons of long-life foodstuffs to social agencies in Athens and elsewhere in the Country (Thessaloniki, Chania, Heraklion, Patras). Employee participation in this campaign is estimated at 95%.

According to a recent survey, the rate of extreme poverty in Greece was 15% in 2015 whereas in 2011 it was 8,9% and no more than 2,2% in 2009.

Initiative Location

In terms of geography, the project is implemented throughout the national territory. 

Working with Organization

The success of the campaign “Testimony of Solidarity, Act of Life” to address poverty is based on constructive partnerships with social agencies. 

In particular, in the context of the campaign, the Company co-operated with the following agencies:

  • The Homeless Foundation of the City of Athens (ΚΥΑDΑ) 
  • NGO “Mission” operated by the Church
  • NGO “Dioneges” 
  • Media Agency PELOPONNISSOS
  • Municipality of Mytilene. 


Workers Participation

Employees and sales partners are an important element for successfully implementing INTERAMERICAN’s project of social initiatives and actions. 


Benefits for Οrganization

In addition to providing relief to vulnerable fellow men and women, INTERAMERICAN’s social contribution through “Testimony of Solidarity, Act of Life” also creates considerable benefits for the Company.


  • contributes to enhancing the concept of volunteering and solidarity in the internal community of staff and partners. 
  • strengthens the sense of security and trust among the Staff and increases its commitment to the Company. 
  • has a positive impact to the Company’s relationships with all partners in the corporate sales network. 

Connection with Global Goals

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