We Go Local

We Go Local


With 19 hotels & resorts in the most beautiful destinations of Greece, Mitsis Hotels has been a tourism pioneer  for  over 45 years now, offering excellent service, great locations,  impeccable  facilities, sophisticated dining and a broad spectrum of options for its clientele, all in a sustainable manner.


Objective Action

Our aspiration is to maintain a leading role in the tourism industry by delivering high quality services and ensuring a flawless hospitality experience for our guests, all in a sustainable manner. Our progress is coupled with the development of the societies that nurture us. We go local to showcase our heritage and we aspire to promote local culture, protect our environment and enhance the overall prosperity of our destinations.


Target Audience

We support and cooperate with local enterprises, the regional communities and their residents with a view to protecting local culture, customs and traditions, enhancing their spiritual, social and cultural advancement and ensuring their overall prosperity.




Over the past few years, Mitsis Hotels has put emphasis on the development of environmental awareness and social responsibility, adopting a comprehensive energy, water and raw materials conservation program, with a view to channeling economic benefits in favor of projects dedicated to the local communities.

The vision of Mitsis Hotels is its constant effort to keep its name connected with sustainability in the operation of the tourism sector and the simultaneous provision of high-quality services to its customers, satisfying their needs for leisure, recreation and entertainment.

The company supports and applies responsible policies to minimize its environmental footprint in a long-term sustainable development path while at the same time sensitizing its employees and visitors. We respect the valuable natural resources of the region, we operate in a way that helps their preservation and sustainability, while ensuring the conservation of the cultural heritage and the natural environment for the next generations, as well as the conditions for their own prosperity.

The social responsibility of Mitsis Hotels is structured through a set of activities, events, benefits and actions in general. Indicatively mentioned:

  • Organization of a series of events to promote the local element
  • Using local products and choosing local suppliers
  • Encouraging customers to buy products and services from local suppliers
  • Informing customers about local businesses and local events
  • Provide information brochures from local businesses to inform visitors about shopping, dining, entertainment, tours, car rentals, etc
  • Provision of local transport information.
  • Encourage staff to participate in hotel activities related to environmental issues or other voluntary actions
  • Organisation of activities related to the formation of an environmental consciousness (tree planting, beach cleaning, etc.)


Impact on Society

Within the framework of its corporate social responsibility, our Group contributes to the economic development of the local communities where we operate, through the implementation of a 100-million-euro investment plan for the period 2018-2021, in refurbishment projects with impressive architectural impact and environmentally sustainable techniques.

A top priority of our operation is to contribute to the preservation of social coherence. We support and cooperate with local businesses and the local community in order to protect local culture and traditions, intellectual, social and cultural development and the wider prosperity of local societies.

Protecting the health and safety of our employees and guests is of outmost importance to us and our hotels and we have established thorough processes and systematic inspections to this end.

For our Group, responsible and sustainable travel is connected to the respect of the local cultures and tradition and trying to create socially and environmentally conscious guests we urge our guests to follow the below suggestions before and during their stay:

  • Learn about your destination’s culture before traveling
  • Don’t take pictures that could be considered offensive
  • When visiting archeological sites, avoid touching the monuments, take pictures only where it is permitted, do not litter and do not take any of the artifacts displayed or fragments of any rocks, metal or clay found on the ground
  • When visiting sites of religious importance, such as churches or monasteries, always respect the dress code, avoid taking pictures, even if they are permitted, turn off your mobile phone, lower your voice, avoid eating and drinking inside the temples and always check the opening times
  • When visiting natural parks, avoid feeding the wildlife, do not litter, support tourism that does not exploit animals and do not buy souvenirs made from animals
  • Give back to the community by supporting local charities, local artists and always prefer buying products from local suppliers

Finally, Mitsis Hotels advocates the global guiding principles and the human rights’ legislation and we are steadfast to ever making a stand for their protection, both, generally and specifically, vis-à-vis to their relevance to working practices, in the context of our business activities and partnerships.

We therefore state that:

  • We uphold and respect human rights in every area of our influence
  • We remain vigilant and ready to ensure that we will never put ourselves in a position of being accountable for human rights’ violations
  • We are against all forms of exploitation of children and we will be advocates for all actions that aim to effectively abolish child labor
  • We acknowledge each person's privacy, as a human right
  • We expect every employee and partner of ours, to respect any law relating to human rights and any respective practice, as we do
  • although the State is responsible for establishing a legal framework for the protection of human rights, it is our belief that as a company and in the context of our activities and our reach, we have a responsibility to respect human rights and to demonstrate the deserving awareness, if it so occurs, to discern violations and immediately call them out for that matter
  • We uphold the elimination of all forms of forced labor
  • We oppose any kind of discrimination in the workplace
  • We create new jobs & business opportunities

Initiative Location

Our hotels located in some of the most beautiful and prime destinations of the country, with beachfront views, under the sunlight of the Greek islands or amid the history and culture of mythical cities - in Athens, Crete, Kamena Vourla, Kos and Rhodes.


Working with Organization

Our major partnerships and collaborations:

* Accessible Rhodes- Rhodes for all

* Blood Donor Volunteer Association Mitsis Group of Companies

* Goodbye to Cancer - Walk of Life

* Ippokrateia Festival

* Kos Gastronomy Festival

* Kos we care

* Make a Wish Greece

* Marketing Greece

* Medieval Rose Festival of Rhodes

* Rhodes International Festival

* Rhodes Tour

* Roads to Rhodes Marathon


Workers Participation

Being an active member of the communities that nurture us in each of the 5 unique destinations in which we operate is of high significance and value for our group. Mitsis Hotels supports and urges its employees, partners and brand ambassadors to actively participate in volunteer activities contributing to the wellness of society. We undertake sponsorships in social care institutions concerning food, clothing and furnishings according to their occasional needs.

The commitment to the society and nature is part of our culture. Our approach promotes health and prosperity, minimization of our environmental impact and giving back to the communities that nurture us.

As a trusted partner, visionary sponsor and proud ambassador of Greece, we are ambitious in tackling societal challengers, we invest capital, time and expertise, we enable our employees to volunteer, we support initiatives, we think and act local, and we care.


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Benefits for Οrganization

As a profitable, sustainable and responsible business, we continuously develop and implement growth opportunities, manage strategic relationships and alliances with third-party companies and local communities, aiming to create long-term value for our organisation, our partners and guests.

By strengthening local communities, a plethora of benefits derive for our group:

  • Increase in guest retention and customer loyalty
  • Increase in market share and revenue
  • Creation of socially conscious guests
  • Development and enhancement of relationships with guests and suppliers
  • Effective cooperation and partnerships with communities
  • Encouragement of both professional and personal development
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Creation of a workforce with happy, healthy, inspired and motivated employees
  • Greater ability to attract new talents and retain staff
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Creation of a fertile environment for improvements, changes, innovations and initiatives
  • Improvement of business reputation and public image
  • Easier access to investment and funding opportunities
  • Generation of positive publicity due to media interest in ethical business activities

Connection with Global Goals

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