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Objective Action

The goal of the “Youth4GlobalGoals” program is to raise awareness of youth and community in general about Sustainable Development Goals.


Target Audience

The program is addressed to young people 18-30 years old, NGO's, students and children (from institutions, organizations and from all the education levels).



15/1/2018 to 31/10/2018


HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, in cooperation with AIESEC, has implemented the project "Youth4GlobalGoals" this year. Youth4GlobalGoals is an initiative that aims to activate youth so as to spread the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Goal of the project was every young person in Greece to learn the Sustainable Development Goals and participate in related actions. The project concerned about three pillars with different actions:

The first pillar, AWARENESS, was aimed to communicate the goals to young people. In this context we created online campaigns with the creation of 3 videos with reach more than 50,000 people. Moreover for the promotion of the goals were shared 6,000 informative flyers based on the SDGs in 9 different universities around Greece.

In the pillar of UNDERSTANDING the goal was the young people to understand how they can act upon the SDGs. So in cooperation with AIESEC and 7 different organizations were created one of the biggest educational projects based on the SDGs in Athens and Thessaloniki. This year 305 volunteers from all around the world and 125 greek university students educated for two hours children from institutions, organizations, NGOs (such as Praxis, METAdrasi) and schools the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals and how they can contribute to their spread. In the “World Largest Lesson” which is an international action and it was implemented in Greece, we focused on the SGD #13 and the children participated in environmental actions. What is more the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group supported the YouthSpeak Forum which is the international AIESEC’s event that wants to be the voice of youth and help them understand the meaning of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The pillar ACTION could not be missed by this program. HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group sponsored 25 scholarships to greek university students all around Greece to participate in the program Global Volunteer abroad. Global Volunteer is a multicultural experience of social volunteering action for young people who aim to develop themselves by contributing to the world through a project that act upon the Sustainable Development Goals, working voluntarily in foreign institutions for 2 months. In the same context was implemented in cooperation with ANIMA, NGO for the care of wild animals, an environmental project which contributed to the goal #15. Five students, AIESEC members, from Serbia and FYROM participated in the program and won scholarships in order to participate in the program Global Volunteer in Greece.

These actions were unique because they were first implemented in Greece with HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group and AIESEC synergy.


Impact on Society

During the awareness campaigns we reached more than 40,000 people around Greece who learned the existence of the Goals.

During the delivery of the project we impacted:

  • 785 children and 470 young volunteers from 5 NGOs and 9 schools
  • 30 university students,
  • 250 attendees in YouthSpeak Forum and
  • 28 NGOs with refugees and students.

The program acts towards the awareness of the SDGs in several layers of the greek society.

Initiative Location

The program was implemented in three several parts: 

Awareness: Greece (Athens)

Understanding: Greece (Athens, Thriassio)

Action: Greece, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Egypt, Romania, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Morocco, Ukraine


Working with Organization

The program emerged from the cooperation between the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group and AIESEC.

To implement the program, we worked with the following organizations:

ΑΝΙΜΑ, AIESEC in Morocco, West Pomerian for NGOs (Poland), Malopolskie region (Poland), Radosno Detinjstvo (Serbia), Progetto 92 s.c.s (Italy), Ochota District Administration (Poland), Ain Shams (Egypt), Summer Camp (Italy), Discover Galati (Romania), VEEV (Vietnam), Myself My World Istanbul (Turkey), Ratan Traders (India), Idmaj Insertion (Morocco), SupManagement (Morocco), Discover Arad (Romania), Social Care (Serbia), SSD Corpo Libero (Italy), Associazione Salam ONG (Italy), AIESEC in Romania, AIESEC in Alexandria (Egypt), Language School (Ukraine), Αποστολή, Jeanne D'Arc, METAdrasi, PRAKSIS, Chatzikiriakeio Foundation of Child Protection, Children Support Centre of Elefsis.


Workers Participation

Employees actively supported the program by participating in related events like YouthSpeak Forum and by their children’s participation in exchange programs contributing to the spread of SDGs.

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Benefits for Οrganization

Through this collaboration the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group had the opportunity to communicate with pupils, youth, organizations and NGOs and to contribute to the spread of Sustainable Development Objectives with emphasis on the environmental issues that it gives priority.

The impact of the program on 40,000 young people, 785 children and 470 young volunteers from 5 NGOs and 9 schools, 250 attendees in the YouthSpeak Forum and 28 NGOs is very important for the Group.

Connection with Global Goals

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