Education in First Aid and the use of A.E.D. (Automated External Destibrillator) to citizens of boarderland Greek regions..

Education in First Aid and the use of A.E.D. (Automated External Destibrillator) to citizens of boarderland Greek regions..


The NGO 'Crisis Management Team' was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide aid for response and recovery from mass disasters. It organizes and educates citizens in crisis management.

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Objective Action

In Greece we have many small border islands and mainland villages with 40-500 inhabitants. These places don’t have a permanent health centre . As a result , in case of an emergency, the ambulance will approach the area after 45-60’ if there is no other call because its base is the hospital of the nearest big city. Another particularity which is characteristic of the Greek province is that these small places have little roads with no addresses, a fact which furthermore hinders the fast approach of medical health. This loss of valuable time is crucial to human life especially in the case of a heart attack.

To realise the vision of Crisis Management Team (C.M.T.) which is to educate the citizens of all the boarderland  regions in Greece, where the Medical Care is not available or cannot reach in time, a fact that increases the high risk of the medical emergency and may sometimes lead to even death.

So our goal was to

1. educate the citisens so that they can deal with emergency situations themselves.

2. certify some of them to use the A.E.D (Automated External Destibrillator) and

3.  deliver by C.M.T , through sponsorship, an AED (Automated External Destibrillator) to the local community.




Target Audience

The local citizens, specificly those age 15-85,  irrespective of sex, who should be permanent citizens of any region.




In total: 55 hours of education, 118 hours on board ships, 22 days in a two month period.



At first, we verified the availability of the volunteer - educators in First Aid of the Crisis Management Team. Then we proceeded to search - approach of the sponsore to be for the A.E.D. (Automated External Destibrillator). After that we selected the boarderland islands with the aid of Undersecretary of Tourism Mr Manos Konsolas, who immediately placed our action under the Auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism. We continued our communications with the Army Airforce, the Army Navy, the Coast guard and the sealine companies to ensure our transportation. Finally, we communicated with Local Authorities to kindly provide us with food and accomodation.

This innovative idea on the part of Crisis Management Team (C.M.T.) not only to educate and certified the local citizens of remote Greek regions in First Aid but also to provide these regions with sponsored A.E.D (Automated External Destibrillator), has led all the above authorities to embrace our vision and contribute to its realisation.




Impact on Society

In total:

55 educational hours in First Aid took place.

286 citizens were educated.

64 citizens were certificated in Basic Life Support (B.L.S.) in the use of A.E.D.(Automated External Destibrillator)


Initiative Location

Islands: Kalimnos, Pserimos, Rhodes, Chalki, Patmos, Agathonisi, Kasos and Karpathos ( Olympos Karpathou)


Working with Organization

Associations we cooperated with:

1. Aggelikousi Foundation ( donation of 5 Automated External Destibrillator)

2. Coast Guard

3. Blue Star Ferries & Anek lines

4. Municipalities of islands: Kalimnos, Pserimos, Rhodes, Chalki, Patmos, Agathonisi, Kasos and Karpathos ( Olympos Karpathou)
5. Greek Ministry of Tourism





Workers Participation

The five (5) volunteers - educators of Crisis Management Team who did the seminars in every island  where supported from seven (7) more of our resquers.

The participated volunteers:

Fezoudis Konstantinos, Zagoropoulos Panagiotis, Marintsiou Anna, Vroutsis Iakovos, Hatzimallis Panagiotis.

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Benefits for Οrganization

There are no measurable benefits for our team (Crisis Management Team) except for our contribution to society and to these local communities in particular which is priceless.


Connection with Global Goals

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