Global Entrepreneur for start-ups

Global Entrepreneur for start-ups

Objective Action

The objective of the project is to boost the competitive advantage and innovation of every start-up company in Greece


Target Audience

Global Entrepreneur refers both to start-ups that seek innovative ways to grow and also to young people all over the world aged 18-30 who want to contribute to this growth, through a developing, cross-cultural and entrepreneurial exchange experience. The main fields are Sales, Business Administration, Marketing, Engineering and IT.



The programme was created on December 2015 and each exchange internship lasts 6-12 weeks per participant.


Global Entrepreneur is a programme refering to start-up companies which provides to young people from all over the world the opportunity to live a cross-cultural exchange experience, using their entrepreneurial spirit and energy to grow and add value to ventures in Greece. Through this, the start-ups have the opportunity to develop their working environment, bringing international edge in an affordable way, while giving the platform to young people to apply their skills and learn through this. It is an innovative programme which was developed through the need to develop youth entrepreneurship and innovation in national and global scope.

Since 2015, AIESEC in Greece has cooperated with more than 80 start-up companies, providing 423 exchange experiences to young people until today. It is evident that many of our partners opt for taking part in the programme more than once, while more than 20 of our partners have been upscaled to middle-sized or big companies.

The majority of the young exchange participants have academic backgrounds of Business Administration, Marketing, Computer Science, Graphic Design and Engineering.

AIESEC's mission is to develop leadership qualities in youth, providing them with practical experiences in challenging environments. Through this, young people aged 18-30 have the ability to learn by doing and develop themselves and people around them. Global Entrepreneur is indeed a practical and international experience with impact to the young participant, the start-up company and the society.


Impact on Society

Out of our partnership network, more than 20 start-ups have achieved to gain the status of middle sized to big companies.

In addition, the majority of our partners, taking advantage of the programme's benefits and its cross-cultural character, they expand their business operations abroad, contributing to the Greek and Global economy.

Initiative Location

Athens, Piraeus, Patras and Thessaloniki.

Working with Organization

This programme is being realized through partnerships and since 2015, AIESEC in Greece has cooperated with more than 80 start-up companies, including: ΤΤΜΙ Consulting, The SARM Project, 100Mentors, Humane, iBusiness,, Welcome Pickups etc.


Workers Participation

Every year, AIESEC has a membership of approximately 300 active members. Specifically, 100 members have been contributing to the programme since 2015. The main responsibilities for them have been partnership management, exchange participants' recruiting and customer experience along with international relations management with AIESEC offices in the participants' country of origin.

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Benefits for Οrganization

AIESEC in Greece is a non-governmental and non-profit organization of high sustainability, in which Global Entrepreneur has important contribution.

In addition, in a network of 120+ countries and territories globally and 45 countries in Europe and Central Asia, AIESEC in Greece got awarded on March 2018 with the "Excellence Award 2017" in the annual European Conference of AIESEC. Moreover, on February 2019, AIESEC in Greece got awarded with the "Excellence Award 2018" in the annual Global Conference of AIESEC by the headquarters of AIESEC International. These recognitions are considered a milestone for both AIESEC in Greece and Greece itself, as the fast growing start-up ecosystem in Greece gets recognized in a network of 120+ countries and territories and 2.400+ universities.

Connection with Global Goals

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