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IASO Children's Hospital: Pediatric check-ups

IASO Childrens Hospital: Pediatric check-ups


Objective Action

IASO Children's Hospital is the only pediatric hospital to launch a comprehensive promotional and communication campaign. The comprehensive promotional and communication campaign for the IASO Children's Hospital pediatric check-ups aims to inform parents of the well-rounded quality healthcare services available, at special rates.


Target Audience

Parents with children




IASO Children's Hospital has been launching a comprehensive and targeted promotional and communication campaign for check-ups since 2015. The communication campaign runs twice a year, from June to July and from September to October, in view of the new school year.
The communication included branded ads for check-ups and the motto of the campaign was “They grow up fast. Make sure they also grow up healthy.”


Impact on Society

The results of the action were:
- Communication overall for pediatric check-ups for 2020 on Facebook and Instagram included 40 content pieces (26 of these were posts and the other 14 appeared in story format), with a total reach of 379,176 and total impressions of 547,063.
- A social media contest with 10 check-ups as giveaways on Facebook and Instagram, gathering more than 250 comments, more than 700 likes, and close to 1K interactions overall.
- Playlist with six different videos promoting each check-up on the IASO Group channel

Initiative Location

Working with Organization

Workers Participation


Benefits for Οrganization

The benefits included strengthening of the corporate image of IASO Children's Hospital and increased brand awareness for IASO Children's Hospital, the largest and best children’s hospital in Greece. They also included growing reputation and increased loyalty for IASO Children's Hospital, and increased cases and turnover.

Connection with Global Goals

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