Objective Action


The main target of the program was the children. The main goal was to reach the children to love, respect and take care of the environment because planet is our “greater home”. We focused on the children because they are those that will be the future decision makers, citizens and habitants of our planet.

The program focused exclusively in Kindergartens and Primary schools of Achaia county. In total, 40 programs were implemented.


Target Audience

Children between 6-12 years old of the preschool and primary schools of Achaia county of all classes. The duration of each program was 2 hours and was designed for 30 children each time. 



The programs took place from November 2019 until March 2020. The duration of each program in each classroom was 2 hours.


At the end of 2019, J.K. ANASTASOPOULOS & SON S.A. – “KRINOS” Company under the management of the 3rd generation decided to rebrand its well-known soft drinks, since 1943, by creating new labels in vibrant colors and modern minimal aesthetics, trying to bring its history and tradition to the new era.

As part of the rebranding, the 3rd generation of the Company took the strategic decision of bottling its KRINOS soft drinks EXCLUSIVELY ON GLASS BOTTLES and leaving behind plastic bottles. This choice was based on 2 basic axes. The first was to offer products of higher quality and the second axe was to protect the environment from the extensive use of plastic. Glass is a material that is totally friendly to the environment and ecosystem. Also, glass is the perfect material for bottling soft drinks and it can assure that the consumer will receive a product of higher quality. KRINOS soft drinks have 100% recyclable packaging, since they are bottled in glass, packaged in carton boxes by recycled paper and they contain zero plastic. 

During this change, KRINOS Company decided to launch a program  of Corporate Social Responsibility titled “LET’S PUT THE GLASSES ON THE PLASTIC “.


These programs were designed to educate the children how to recognize different kind of packaging materials, how they have to separate them and recycle them correctly, reuse them and finally to transform them into art. The targets of the programs were to make the children to understand deeply the meaning of recycling and to adopt strong environmental consciousness by being responsible in all aspects of their lives.

The programs had 2 different approaches:

Α. “Recycling can be Art” , which was taking place on the classrooms


Β. “Mediterranean: a sea of civilization, the sea of our country”, which was taking place on different beaches of Achaia county.

The structure of the programs was based on α pioneering, experimental educational best practice combined with interactive theatrical and musical activities and games, because children absorb easier and deeper the knowledge if they experience it.

The main body of the programs uses music, movement, games and theatre as instruments that will reveal the necessity of recycling and protecting the environment, the animals and all the living organisms.

The theatrical play of an original fairytale was another way of approaching the children and make them understand deeper the need for become sensitive on ecological issues.

The final part of the programs was an art workshop by using recyclable materials. The children worked either in groups or individually to create artworks (either one of large scale or more in smaller scale) made by recyclable materials. The result was beautiful tableaus to decorate their classrooms, reminding them the program. 

At the end, children were receiving gifts from KRINOS Company for their participation to the program. The gift was a cloth shopping bag of multiple uses, for showing to the children to avoid the usage of plastic bags, and a glass bottle of orangeade. The bag was accompanied by a leaflet for informing the parents for the purposes and outcomes of the program along with a sketch to be drawn by the children at home.



Impact on Society

40 programs were completed. Each program had a 2hours duration each. 35 schools, 1.000 students of primary schools and 80 teachers participated on the programs

«A very educative program that featured the topic of recycling from several aspects and made clear to the children that it is crucial for their future.  » School Director

«We had an excellent time together! The fairytale, the relay race with the empty recyclable packs were super fun! Now we understood why we have to be careful what we throw away to the bins! We will say to our parents to care more! » Student of 5th grade

«A fully intergraded educative approach on recycling/planet care that made the children acquire a deep understanding on the topic without got bored at all! » Teacher 4th grade

Initiative Location

County of Achaia

Working with Organization

The CSR program was implemented with the communication company MOVEMOUNTAINS and Mrs. Aggeliki Vergitsi. The educational part of the program was designed and implemented by the special educator Mrs. Mini Radou.

The program plan was submitted and approved by the General Office of Primary Schools of Achaia county and was conducted to kindergartens and primary schools of Achaia


Workers Participation

For this particular CSR program was not necessary the participation of workers or volunteers. 

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Benefits for Οrganization

  • Creation of Responsible Corporate Profile of KRINOS Company,
  •  Promotion of the humanitarian and modern aspect of the Company,
  • Connection with the community,
  • Return of the recognition that company received back to the local society,
  • Educate the future active citizens,
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint of the company

Connection with Global Goals

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