Motherhood is a right not a privilege.

Motherhood is a right not a privilege.


HOPEgenesis is a Greek, non-profit organization founded in 2015 with the vision to overthrow the climate of birth deficit in Greece, with main goal is to help strengthen births by providing support to women who are permanent residents of the Greek remote islands and mainland regions.




Objective Action

HOPEgenesis is a Greek, non-profit organization founded in 2015 with the vision to overthrow the climate of birth deficit in Greece.

HOPEgenesis's main goal is to help strengthen births by providing support to women who are already pregnant or wish to become pregnant and who are permanent residents of the Greek remote  regions.


Target Audience

Women who want to have a child and live permanently in a remote area of our country that does not have the necessary medical infrastructure for proper care during their pregnancy.



Start 2015 with no expiry limit.


One of the biggest problems of Greek society is birth deficit, which is constantly increasing in recent years. According to official data from the Ministry of Interior, in 2015 the population of Greece decreased by 0.6% (92,984 births versus 121,785 deaths) resulting in a population decline of 28,801, while a dramatic population decline is expected, according to statistics of the United Nations surveys by 2050.

The idea of creating HOPEgenesis was born after 10 years of active participation by Dr. Stefanos Chandakas as a volunteer obstetrician-gynecologist for the NGO-Omada Aigaiou he noticed that there were islands that had zero births for the last years, as the new couples had difficulty in deciding to have a child, for the following reasons: a) lack of medical infrastructure and appropriate medical staff at their place and b) financial difficulty.

The support is provided in three axes, free of charge: 1) medical, 2) social and 3) psychological support to the above female. More specifically, we cover all expenses related to the necessary examinations for prevention, transportation and accommodation in Athens, Rhodes, Chios, Volos and Syros, where we have partnerships with medical centers for the examinations and the birth of all pregnant women who meet the criteria.

The criteria that women wishing to join our program must meet are:

A) Permanent Residents of the Remote Areas of our country.

B) In the area where the pregnant woman lives, the necessary medical equipment is not available and there is no access to medical facilities suitable for the monitoring of her pregnancy.

C) If they are already pregnant, they should be up to 24 weeks.

In December 2016, the first birth of HOPEgenesis took place. By December 2017, 20 babies had been born and another 10 are expected in the first months of 2018.


Impact on Society

In all areas we operate (28 remote islands) births in the last 3 years were zero or close to zero.

HOPEgenesis's first childbirth took place in December 2016 on theremote island of Thymena, an island of the Fourni complex. Permanent residents of Thymena: 136, permanent residents of Fourni: 1,313.

In 2017 we had the second childbirth from Thymena and 7 childbirths from Fournoi. The increase in childbirth for the last 2 years in Thymena was 200%, while for Fourni island it was 700%.

Through our work in 2017, an additional 6 remote islands in our country had a similar increase in births. More specifically:

Kasos: 1 baby, Lipsi: 2 babies, Skopelos: 1 baby, Alonissos: 4 babies, Tilos: 2 babies, Skyros: 1 baby.

With our program, we contribute directly to increasing the percentage of women receiving prenatal care and the percentage of families who can make family planning.

The birth of one or more children in the remote areas of our country is directly linked to its social and economic activity, impacting positively on all aspects. Indicatively, we mention that:

The local school will operate so all the professions associated with its operation will continue to exist,

The hope for new jobs is reborn, 

The aging and desertification of the area is avoided, important elements for the continuation of state cohesion,

Existing Greece through the new life, continues in the near future.

Initiative Location

Agios Efstratios - Agathonisi - Alonisos - Anafi - Antikythira - Arcoi - Astypalea - Gavdos - Irakleia - Thymena - Kalymnos - Kasos - Kimolos - Koufonisia - Kythnos - Lipsi - Nisyros - Inouses - Sikinos - Skopelos - Skiros - Tilos - Folegandros - Fourni - Chalki - Psara - Pserimos.


Working with Organization

Our network, after 2 years of operation, extends to 28 Greek islands. At all areas, we work closely with local authorities (Municipalities and Communities) to record their needs and to implement more effectively our program.

Also, for the research and registration of the needs of the islands, we cooperate with the NGO-Omada Aigaiou, in the excursions of which participate as a volunteer obstetrician-gynecologist, from 2007 until today, the chairman of HOPEgenesis Dr. Stefanos Chandakas and other administrative members of the organization.

In addition, our network has already 5 collaborating hospitals in Athens, Rhodes, Chios, Syros and Volos to reduce the distance to pregnant women from their permanent residence, always aiming at optimal medical attendance along with appropriate medical infrastructure.


Workers Participation

The organization is based on the work of its 57 active volunteers, who participate in its day-to-day operations and contribute to its continuous development.

Since the beginning of 2018, two paid members have been joined (Project Manager and Fundraising Assistant) who on a daily basis support and coordinate the work of the group of 57 active volunteers.

Voluntary work offer at HOPEgenesis is fundamental to its existence and the continuation of its work.


Benefits for Οrganization

As already mentioned in 2017, 20 babies were born through our network.

For 2018 we aim to reach the target of 40 babies. (Goal Duplication).

Any support that is being done in our work means that we will be able to achieve our goal and contribute to overcoming the climate of birth deficit we face as a country.

Connection with Global Goals

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