Olympia Odos Cultural & Environmental Route

Olympia Odos Cultural & Environmental Route

Objective Action

“Olympia Odos Cultural & Environmental Route” is an holistic and complex program for a specific and branded product of cultural tourism.

The route focuses on the archeological sites located along Olympia Odos Motorway and aims at exploiting a large part of the cultural and environmental reserve of the Peloponnese and Attica that may become the trigger for the tourism and economic growth of the areas along the Route.

In particular the Cultural Route aims at

a)      highlighting the cultural and environmental monuments;

b)      attracting visitors and investments in the area;

c)      extending the tourist season;

d)     generating sustainable economic growth conditions for the local community.

The core axis of our cooperation with DIAZOMA Association to design this program is the protection of the cultural and environmental reserve of the areas along Olympia Odos and their connection with sustainability and sustainable development.


Target Audience

General public, drivers and travelers, institutional bodies, Ephorates of Antiquities, people of the Local Authorities (Regions, Municipalities), employees of the motorway, local communities, professional associations, scientists, intellectuals, and active citizens.




Olympia Odos cooperates with DIAZOMA Association since 2014 to promote the Cultural and Environmental Route of Olympia Odos.

Along the motorway, one comes across some of the most known and important archaeological sites of Greece, as well as areas of particular environmental importance and in particular: Isthmia, Ancient Corinth, Sicyon, Aigeira, Keryneia, Kleitoria, Leontio, Ilida, the Mycenaean cemetery of Voudeni and Platiana, as well as the three (3) archaeological parks of Elefsina, Patras and Olympia. At the same time, it included the ancient theaters located in the above sites, namely: the Eleusis Telesterion, the Ancient Theater of Isthmia with the Temple of Poseidon, the Theater of Ancient Corinth, the Amphitheater of Ancient Corinth, the Odeon of Ancient Corinth, the Theater of Sicyon, the Ancient Theater of Aigeira, the Ancient Theater of Keryneia, the Ancient Theater of Kleitora, the theater of Leontio, the Odeon of Patras, the amphitheater-stadium of Patras, the theater of Ilida and the theater of Platiana. Moreover, this route will also include mordern monuments such as the Archaeological Museum of Aigion, the new Archaeological Museum of Patras, the church of Aghios Andreas in Patras and the Chlemoutsi Castle.

Moreover, one comes across monuments of environmental interest such as the Heraion, Stymfalia, the gorge of Vouraikos and the Salt Lake of Aigio.

To date, for this Route:

The study “OLYMPIA ODOS AS A CULTURAL ROUTE” has been drafted by Mr. Dimitris Kaloudiotis upon relevant assignment by DIAZOMA Association and the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, and was financed by Olympia Odos SA;
The company Clio Muse, a partner of DIAZOMA Association, has created a special section for the monuments along the route in an application for mobile phones (“Olympia Odos Panorama”).
Four Info Kiosks have been created along the Olympia Odos axis, at Megara and Psathopyrgos MSSs (on both traffic directions) to promote the Route.

Our next goal is to distribute on the motorway an interactive leaflet with a QR code to allow the visitor navigate at the sites of their choice.


Impact on Society

The idea of the Cultural Route is a desideratum for the Greek tourism:

According to specialists, for Greece to improve the tourist demand it shall arrange the “tourist products” as overall tourist experiences - destinations and turn to the creation of specialized branded products in the form of routes or networks, archaeological parks, etc.

It is not necessary to just organize a travel agency tour, but a “branded tourist product” marked with quality and completeness that will have significant positive impacts on the economy and the societies of the areas crossed by the Route.

Such a huge effort requires synergies between all productive bodies at local level. Olympia Odos contributes to this effort by putting its facilities (Motorists Service Stations) and its communication channels at the service of the Cultural Route.

In addition to a particularly ambitious program, Olympia Odos Cultural & Environmental Route is a feasible idea about how we can incorporate our cultural heritage monuments in our everyday life as well as in the entire productive activity of our country.

The benefits from promoting this specific program are perpetual and may become a point of reference in the field of the cultural management of the Greek monuments.

Initiative Location

The entire length of Olympia Odos Motorway from Elefsina to the end of Patras Bypass, as well as all motorway influence areas in the Regions of Attica, Peloponnese and Western Greece, focusing on the above monuments. 


Working with Organization

DIAZOMA Association: Diazoma is a non-profit organization which mainly aims at contributing to the protection and promotion of ancient theaters and sites (theaters, odea, stadiums, amphitheaters, etc.) and to disseminate the values of our cultural heritage, in association with the development and promotion of the modern cultural production.

DIAZOMA website:


Workers Participation

Communication Direction: 2 persons monitor the progress of the project

Commercial Direction:  1 person cooperates to create the Info Kiosks at the Motorway MSSs.

IT external associate:  1 person assists the operation of the Info Kiosks at the Motorway MSSs.

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Benefits for Οrganization

Olympia Odos is more than an important road infrastructure. It’s a road that changes human lives and perspectives for the better. This is why the operation of the Motorway is linked with a new vision focusing on Sustainable Development.

Within this context, the promotion of the important monuments around the motorway and the creation of synergies between all local productive agents (restaurants, hotels, farmers, shops, etc.) is a strategic goal.

This corporate approach is reflected in Olympia Odos Vision as follows:

“Our goal is to link lands, places and people by conveying goods, ideas, dreams, culture, mores and prospects, and connect the Motorway with all productive activities in Northern and Western Peloponnese”.

Connection with Global Goals

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