Strategic Sustainability Program Act Green. A Program that incorporates 3 important pillars for the Sustainable Development promotion: Redesign - Reduce - Recycle.

Strategic Sustainability Program Act Green. A Program that incorporates 3 important pillars for the Sustainable Development promotion: Redesign - Reduce - Recycle.

MEGA Disposables S.A.

MEGA Disposables is 100% Greek company and one of the largest European manufacturers in personal hygiene.With trusted brands(Babylino, EveryDay, Sani etc) holds strong position in the Greek Market while exporting in 4 continents.

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Objective Action

Act Green Program objective is a continuous and systematic improvement of the environmental performance of the products and activities of MEGA, through specific and limited actions, such as, among others, the gradual replacement of synthetic fibers and plastic with natural materials, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the use of recycled and recyclable materials, etc.

Act Green Program is fully aligned with the UN 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals and the overall MEGA’s long-term sustainability strategy, while it is expected to create significant positive environmental and social impacts while contributing substantially to further stakeholder awareness.

The Act Green Program consists of 3 fundamental pillars (Redesign-Reduce-Recycle), while short-term (2023), medium-term (2030) and long-term (2050) goals have been set.

More analytically, through the Act Green Sustainability Program, MEGA is committed to the following:



MEGA has been using cotton, instead of plastic or synthetic material, in several key products for decades, as skin friendliness and respect for the environment are non-negotiable values ​​for the company.

It is committed to continue the redesign of its products in order to maximize the use of natural fiber by 2050, based on product safety, compatibility with the skin and the environment.
It uses exclusively (100%) FSC certified pulp until 2030.
It redesigns products with the aim of improving the environmental footprint, using as a tool the study of the Life Cycle (LCA) for each product category.


MEGA is committed to:

Stop dependence on fossil fuels with 100% renewable electricity for its productive activities.
Reduce packaging materials by 10% in all its products by 2030.
Reduce indirect and direct emissions of carbon dioxide (scope 1 & scope 2) by 50% by 2030 and their net zero (20-net) in 2050 (compared to 2020).
In the last two years we have managed to reduce by 13% the water consumption in our production facilities. We are committed to escalating these efforts over the next decade.




Since 2011, 100% recyclable packaging has been used in several of our products. This principle is extended with the aim of using 100% recyclable packaging in all our products by 2023.

Specifically, the company has taken the following initiatives: 

Increasing the usage of paper packaging delivered from 95% recycled paper.
Increasing the use of packaging bags containing recycled plastic (fully controlled recycling cycle):

Up to 30% by 2030

Up to 50% by 2050

Further, MEGA since 2004, promotes the recycling of plastic scraps resulting from the production process.


Target Audience

The Act Green Program is addressed to all MEGA’s stakeholders: employees, local and broader community, suppliers, media, consumers / customers, shareholders, business community, NGOs, State and Public Authorities.



The Strategic Sustainable Development Program Act Green consists of 3 pillars (Redesign - Reuse - Recycle). Each pillar consists of a series of goals which are scheduled to be implemented within three key dates: 2023 - 2030 -2050, implementing the company’s commitments to create a positive impact on the environment and society.

This Program is a dynamic and systematic effort to improve MEGA’s environmental performance, with a framework for action until 2050.


We are a part of a decade which is characterized by the majority as the “decade of change”. The ever-increasing environmental concerns of recent decades and the commonly accepted view regarding the link between environmental pressures with human activities and the modern way of life have been taken seriously by decision-makers and stakeholders, creating a historic momentum for environmental protection and sustainability.

MEGA, all these years, implements responsible strategies, constantly aiming at improved environmental performance.

Nowadays, the company welcomes global private and institutional efforts for the adoption of scientifically acceptable greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, circular economy principles and sustainable production best practices. As result, it has introduced the “Act Green Program” by specifying and quantifying its long-term sustainability strategy.

More analytically, through its daily activities, by taking into consideration the entire life cycle of its products (from raw materials to the post-consumption phase), MEGA, in addition to creating innovative, quality and safe products, simultaneously aims at creating a sustainable future for future generations.

Throughout its operations, the company has demonstrated in practice its special sensitivity in matters of environment and sustainability, while with the Act Green program continues to meet the global challenges which threaten humanity nowadays, such as, the climate emergency, the increased rate of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, the unprecedented waste of natural resources, the uncontrolled pollution of the seas, etc. This way it aims to create a positive impact of sustainability in the societies where it operates, providing quality of life levels.

The Act Green program set targets with a timeline of achieving them, with the aim of promoting Sustainable Development through the substantial redesign of our products (REDESIGN), adopting the principles of the circular economy, achieving significant levels of materials reuse (RECYCLE).

For each Redesign – Reduce -Recycle program pillar, MEGA has prepared in-depth studies for the adoption of policies, sustainability indicators and other KPIs, by considering the latest scientific knowledge and institutional guidelines.

The R&D department of MEGA is staffed by Sustainability Experts, who are characterized by strong know-how and have the internationally acknowledged scientific tools for monitoring the objectives of the program, the preparation of studies / progress reports, as well as the diagnosis of the environmental profile of products across the entire life cycle.


Impact on Society

The Sustainability objectives of Act Green Program have a positive environmental and a social impact. The setting goals also contribute to the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (3,6,11,12,13,14 και 15) for: Good Health and Well-being, Clean Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production, Climate Action, Life below water and Life on Land.

Recipients of this action will be all stakeholders, consumers, customers, suppliers, the state, humanity, environment, as each small or large positive impact action is added and acts synergistically on the road to a better green future for future generations. MEGA has already implemented to a large extent a part of the goals it has set for the Act Green Program. It continues with a steady pace to take the necessary steps that will lead to the implementation of all the objectives of the Program by 2050.

The company has already made key strategic decisions regarding product design, plastic reduction, the use of renewable energy sources, the reduction of its water footprint, as well as the maximum possible utilization of recyclable and recycled materials.

The Act Green Program is a new program which has planned implementation goals within 3 key years (2023-2030-2050), however even now some of our future goals have already been implemented to some extent.

Indicatively, in MEGA has already achieved the following:

In the last two years we have reduced by 13% the water consumption in our production facilities. We continue to further reduce water consumption each year.
All our paper packages come from FSC certified paper.
since 2011 100% recyclable packaging is used in several products. The goal is to use 100% recyclable packaging in all our products by 2023.
Since 2004, we promote the recycling of plastic scraps that arise during the production process.
We are FSC certified ™ by the Forest Stewardship Council ™ and we gradually use in all our products exclusively FSC certified pulp. This certification places MEGA in the global group of leading companies, which create a shield of protection, ensuring that the management of forests is carried out in a responsible and correct way.
We have reduced plastic, while maximizing the use of fiber in the design of existing and new products gradually by 2050.
We already hold the Green Certificate, confirming that the electricity consumed in the factory and our offices of the company comes from 100% green energy. At the same time, we have set a goal to maximize the rate of self-production of energy with Renewable Energy Sources by 2050.
We have chosen materials such as corn starch, FSC certified sustainable management paper, sugar cane polyethylene, organic cotton GOTS certified.

As the path to sustainable development is continuous, there will be even more significant results in the milestone years for the realization of our goals (2023, 2030, 2050).

Initiative Location

The Act Green Program and the goals that have been set for each pillar, concern all the facilities of MEGA in Acharnes, Attica (production unit and Offices), its collaborations with a wide range of suppliers and recycling companies, but also the whole supply chain, from its suppliers in Greece and abroad to the final consumer on the 4 continents where it operates.


Working with Organization

Our partners in this effort are the following:

1. approved recycling companies which collect our packaging parts and turn them into recyclable materials with approved procedures, 2. Approved other materials recycling companies (e.g. paper, etc.), 3. Our suppliers, who work hard for eco-friendlier materials, while maintaining high levels of efficiency and skin friendliness, based on our company requirements. 4. Several specialized consultants depending on the development and the respective requirements of the program.


Workers Participation

The participation and awareness of the employees both in the production and in the offices of MEGA was and is decisive, both during the design process, and in all phases of completion of the Act Green Program. The Department of Research and Development of MEGA had a remarkable role in the design of the Act Green Program, but also in the sustainability target setting, which will be implemented from 2023 - 2050.

Additionally, it is worth to mention that the Production Department actively contributed on the collective effort of Act Green Program’s initial phase implementation, by taking the following initiatives:

Effort to reduce waste during the production phase
Optimization of production processes
Reduction of consumption indicators (water, packaging, consumables)
Use of renewable energy sources in production

The logistics Department proceeded to the selection of sustainable supply form, aiming at a lowest possible carbon footprint.


Benefits for Οrganization

The Act Green Program has various benefits for both the environment and stakeholders.

MEGA, by adopting the Circular Economy Model, focuses on the reduction of materials used in the production process (packaging, consumables, water, etc.), the reduction of plastic and the use of recyclable and recycled packaging materials, the 100% use of green energy, the gradual increase of the rate of self-production of energy with RES, the optimal utilization of the waste of the production processes.

At the same time, through the Act Green Program, MEGA raises the awareness of its employees, but also that of its consumers, through the design and implementation of environmental campaigns of responsible consumption and circular economy.

During the implementation of the sustainability goals of Act Green, MEGA will achieve the following:

reduce to zero the direct and indirect emissions
maximize its energy performance
acquire additional know-how of sustainable operating models and to strengthen its R&D so as to design environmentally friendly products.
push its employees in volunteering in environmental actions
implement more environmental initiatives
increase its extroversion, actively participating in the dialogue on standard industrial practices by communicating its actions and the achieved goals of Act Green.
increase its performance in various important sustainability indicators, KPIs and benchmarks, proving its improved performance which is expected to increase its competitiveness.
set stricter criteria for corporate governance and evaluation of its partners throughout the value chain (suppliers, customers, carriers, etc.), thus improving their own sustainable operation.
obtain more and stricter environmental certifications, by promoting the corporate transparency, as well as best consumer information practices for its environmental profile
stimulate its eco-friendly profile and to be an important stakeholder in the joint effort for the protection of the environment, sustainable development and the circular economy.
be a key driver through the systematic promotion of the principles of sustainable development, inspiring its industry, given its leading position in the category (trend-setting).

Connection with Global Goals

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