School Museum of Elementary Education

School Museum of Elementary Education

Active Citizens of Farsala

All of us in “Active Citizens of Farsala” plan and organize actions of cultural, environmental and educational content so that our co-citizens realize that they could and should take an active part in the development of the social conscience and cultural identity of our area.


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Objective Action

Its development into a cultural centre playing an important role in the local education. The search for the education and school past of the Elementary. Education within the whole history of the Farsala Area; its scientific analysis, compilation, recording and preservation; its association with the current educational reality and its needs and its promotion as an important influential element in the present and future of education. The recording and promotion of the way, the means and procedures used in the elementary education in the long past and their correlation with the present.


Target Audience

Our aspiration is that the museum will become a school trip destination for elementary and secondary school pupils as well as for individual visitors from all over Greece. Our plans also include the organization of educational seminars for the pedagogic schools of the University of Thessaly, as well as other events such as meetings or conferences of pedagogic, cultural and scientific character, which will definitely attract a different, quite interesting audience.



The contract for the construction of the Museum was signed between the A.E.NO.L S.A. and our association on 1-9- 2015. The work was completed and handed to us at the end of December 2015. The whole amount of the contract has been disbursed and the all the people working in the construction have been paid. The arrangement of the classrooms, the furniture and the exhibits has already been completed and we are in the final stage of the volunteer guides’ training. We are preparing intensively for the official opening which will take place with all formalities on 11 th September 2016. The Museum will be open in the new school year.


It is a School Museum of Elementary education, educational and teaching material, furniture, photographs and entertainment material showing the historical route and development of the local elementary education will be exhibited in the classrooms. It is accommodated in a beautiful, old but very well-kept stone building, which was built in 1950 and was until recently the village school, until it was closed down due to lack of pupils. It consists of two exhibit halls (former classrooms), a small hall and the teacher’s office.

It is surrounded by a 3.000m² plot with a multi-use amphitheatric hall (for events, projections, conferences etc) with all the necessary electronic equipment. In the same plot there is also a very well-kept house where the teacher used to live. This building will accommodate our association’s offices from now on.

Next to the School Museum there is an organized municipal playground in an open space of 3.000 m² where our young visitors can safely experience and enjoy the traditional village and come in contact with games and activities different from today’s reality. The construction and fashioning of the School Museum was sponsored by the LEADER programme and subsidized with 94.977,43 Euros by the Larissa Prefecture Development Company S.A. (A.E.NO.L S.A.)The construction works were completed in December 2015. It is a project of our association and shows in the best way the splendor and the great results of voluntarism. The opening of the museum has been scheduled for the 11 th September 2016. It will be available to receive its first visitors in the new school period. Of course the Museum will be accessible to children with special needs.


Impact on Society

There are no measurable results for the reason that the Museum hasn’t opened yet. However, the messages we receive from people who have already visited it reveal the great interest it arouses to the audience. A lot of schools have already expressed through their teachers their desire to visit the museum during the new school year.

Initiative Location

The School Museum is in the village Vrysia, which is a Municipality District of the Municipality of Farsala, in the Prefecture of Larisa. It is located 7km from Farsala, on the old Athens-Lamia highway. The access either by bus or by car is very easy and the site is absolutely safe for children.


Working with Organization

Municipality of Farsala - Department of Primary Education of the Prefecture of Larissa – University of Thessaly – Women’s Association of Vryssia – Local Cultural Associations – Individual retired teachers as volunteers.


Workers Participation

There are no paid employees. The running of the museum is based on volunteers only, members and friends of our association, with organized action and distinct roles for each one.


Benefits for Οrganization

There are no measurable results for the reason that the Museum hasn’t opened yet. However, we can safely deduce that the benefits will be multiple, not only for our association, but also for the wider area of Farsala, since our goal is that the visits to our museum will be, in association with the Municipality of Farsala, part of a wider programme of visits to the archaeological sites of our area.

Connection with Global Goals

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