TOPIC: Initiatives on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic


Xanthi TechLab contributes to the Awareness & Response to Covid-19 with synergies

Xanthi TechLab contributes to the Awareness & Response to Covid-19 with synergies

Objective Action

The aim of the initiative is twofold on the one hand to be useful in a practical way by contributing to the fight against Covid-19 and on the other hand to offer targeted information from the most experts in misinformation and fake news circulating.


Target Audience

Students aged 9-16

Students from 18-23

Adults 23+



February 2020 -present



Since the 1st lockdown occurred and the protocols for dealing with the virus have been in place, many needs have arisen. In emergencies, what society needs is support on a practical and theoretical level. So we took the initiative through synergies to reinforce with medical masks, which we printed on our 3d printers, the health personnel of our region. In cooperation with the rest Tech Labs in Veria, Sparta and Corfu we voluntarily offered more than 70 medical shields to volunteers and frontline health personnel. This was supported by both the Embassy of the United States of America in Greece and Covid-19 Response Greece. At the same time, it was deemed necessary to prepare webinars - online workshops to inform young and old about the pandemic and the spread of false news. So we collaborated with Journalist for Journalism, the Digital Communication Network South Eas Europe Hub in Thessaloniki, eduACT, and Democritus University in order to offer workshops on soft skills, crisis management, conflict management, negotiations, as well as stem education workshops for younger students to stay active and creative.


Impact on Society

More than 6.000 beneficiaries participated in the activities, which amounted to more than 180


Initiative Location

East Macedonia & Thrace

Working with Organization

Journalist for Journalism

Digital Communication Network South East Europe Hub in Thessaloniki,


Democritus University

Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Xanthi

Embassy of the United States of America

Covid-19 response Greece

American College of Thessaloniki


Workers Participation

from 2-15 Most of them, volunteers



Benefits for Οrganization

The organization created new partnerships, brought together members of the local community, provided timely and accurate information, resulting in the second phase of the pandemic to greater seriousness and preparedness by members of civil society. Especially in a region like Xanthi with an increased epidemiological load.

Connection with Global Goals

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