Consumption Measuring System of CO2 Emissions -Carbon Neutralization - Recycling - Rewarding Employees

Consumption Measuring System of CO2 Emissions -Carbon Neutralization - Recycling - Rewarding Employees


EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE CO. S.A. is a comprehensive insurance company which is active in all modern insurance sectors. It provides full insurance coverage to individuals as well as to companies.


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Objective Action

European Reliance, as a responsible corporate citizen understands sustainable development in an effort to build a more competitive economy of low emissions that makes efficient and sustainable the use of its resources, considering environmental protection. The reduce of emissions through the use of new sustainable green technologies and the audit methods mean for us the prevention of losses of biodiversity and ensure the protection of ecosystems.

In particular, our company embraces the idea of sustainable development as it was presented in September 2002 in the United Nations Declaration in Africa.


Target Audience

Greek Society and the employees of the Company.



2015 - 2020


For sixth consecutive year our Group meets its obligation toward the community to measure the company’s gas emissions produced by its operations. This measurement helps the Group to improve, aiming at targeted actions towards the reduction of these pollutants. The total emissions of the three companies of our Group in 2019 are presented below:

emissions t CO2 eq

  • Staff movements

2019: 114 t CO2 eq    

  • Company Cars

2019: 50 t CO2 eq      

  • Natural gas

2019: 143 t CO2 eq    

  • Electricity

2019: 1.322 t CO2 eq    

  • Paper- Toner

2019: 3,0 t CO2 eq      

Total  2019: 1.632 t CO2 eq 

European Reliance, as a responsible corporate citizen, perceives the concept of sustainable development as an attempt to create a competitive economy of minor pollutants that uses its resources effectively and takes into account the protection of the environment. The use of new sustainable technologies and audit methods that contribute to the reduction of emissions, is our active participation in the efforts for improvement of the environment, the prevention of biodiversity loss and for ecosystem protection. European Reliance proceeded with the acquisition of a Photovoltaic Power Station investing in the renewable energy sources sector.

For European Reliance's General Insurance Co. S.A. employees, the importance of recycling is presented in the following parts:

  • Reduces the waste and the waste management issues;
  • Saves energy and natural resources that are continuously taken from nature and is achieved the long-term drop (or at least not increase) of the products price as there is no need to produce the raw material;
  • Reduces air, soil and groundwater pollution;
  • By recycling 1 ton of paper, we save 17 trees, 40,000 liters of water, reduce by 95% air pollution and economize 130-170 kilograms of oil.

European Reliance, from the beginning of its effort to completely manage its waste in 2012, has managed to recycle every month approximately 1,725 Kg of materials (paper, aluminum, plastic). In 2019, the company recycled 16.3 tons, while we have destroyed confidential documents of 0.49 tonnes. The recucling of bulds amounted to 102 pieces. 


Impact on Society

The consumption of electrical power and natural gas refers to the pollutants produced by the main building of the Group (Europlaza). For 2020, our Company implement the ISO 50001:2011 certification on energy management.

Therefore, in our next non-financial information report, all the aforementioned measurements shall refer to the total of the Company’s real estate (own and rented property). The total pollutants of the Company increased by 290 tn CO2 comparing to the corresponding period of the previous measurement, mainly due to the increase of electricity. Moreover, it appears that apart from the measures for the decrease of the buildings’ infrastructure (Central Building’s Energy Upgrade), the philosophy of the Company’s Management has contributed to maintaining the production of emissions to the same low levels, fully accepted and promoted by the personnel and the employees have wholeheartedly accepted and forward these actions.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

Cooperation for emission measurement was made with the company Aiphoria.

Workers Participation

The involvement of employees is crucial. Each time they actively participate in our voluntary actions on the environment. Also, with the instigation of the company (awards to "green" personel, financial incentives etc), employees begin to slowly leave or to minimize the use of cars, cycling, walking etc. Also important step was the activation of the HR department for communication between staff on mass movements with a car (car pooling).


Benefits for Οrganization

The company’s activities have not important consequences for the climate and the environment. However, the company is voluntarily targeting to the continuous effort of a responsible “green” operation, emissions reduce and of any environmental impact caused by its operation. It integrates those values to its corporate culture and offers motives to its employees for them. In addition to the cultivation of such a climate to the company’s social environment, the publication of its effort, given its size and reputation, works as a positive example. The company, sets goals, which of course publicizes, concerning the reduce of greenhouse gases, energy, water, paper as well as the emissions resulting from the daily transfers of the employees, and the necessary business trips.

The already materialized relevant actions will be organized in a simple, clear and diachronic observed management plan (calculation and reduce) of the emissions and environmental burdens.

This is expected to:

  • Enforce sustainable operation, friendly towards the climate and environment;
  • Allow the determination of the reduced limits that are possible to be achieved with the current conditions;
  • Enforce the company’s credibility for its climate and environmental claims;
  • Allow to the company to prove its consistency with the corresponding plan of national strategy for CSR.


Connection with Global Goals

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