Impoving Living conditions to the communities around the projects

Impoving Living conditions to the communities around the projects

Hellas Gold

The mining company HELLAS GOLD SA was established in December 2003 with aiming to: Operate mines of all kinds, processing and marketing of minerals, establish and operate metalworking operations for vertical integration of production in Halkidiki.


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Objective Action

The main goal of such actions is the overall improvement of the living conditions for the inhabitants of the mining villages as well as the Aristoteles Municipality inhabitants.


Target Audience

The target audience are the citizens of the Aristoteles Municipality.



2012- today


This accomplishment relates to voluntary actions of Hellas Gold in order to improve economic, social and environmental conditions of the local communities of northeastern Chalkidiki. By default, actions analyzed in this category exceed the legal obligations of the company towards the local society in the region which is a part of the licensing process.

Improving the quality of life includes improvements in the region (roads, health system infrastructure, repairing public buildings- public spaces etc.), support and development of human resources in the region (support secondary and higher education of residents, unemployed training, support and promote female employment and entrepreneurship) and finally strengthening the local economy (procurement policy, support tourism, support and promotion of the area of ​​agricultural products).

During the years of the Greek financial crisis, many state services like the road network and the healthcare system lacked the assets for maintenance and improvement. In the mining villages’ area, the company supports actions that enhance the living conditions of the local population. Such actions include the road network improvement as well as the support of the Paleochori health centre. Moreover, the company takes part to the fire protection actions, especially during the summer season. At the same time, the company delivers flood prevailing works.

Indicatively, during 2014 the company spend for infrastructural works more than 314.000 euros and for state services support more than 95.000 euros.


Impact on Society

The inhabitants’ satisfaction from the quality of the infrastructure and the public services is improved over time. (Periodic market research).

It is significant that in recent years, the local economy throughout the region increased by 800%, only due to the Cassandra Mines.

The local market trade increased by 800% just from the Cassandra Mines 2006-2013. In real numbers, this support translates into 56 mil. Euro. In the last years, this increase exceeded 160% in the entire area of ​​the Northeast Halkidiki while the Olympics and the Great Lady reaches 400%.

Stronger example of the Olympias which last year experienced the strengthening of the local economy by 400% increase in bookings and renewed growth in the tourism market.

In all the villages of the area hotels, guest houses and have occupancy accommodation throughout the year, due to the presence of workers, partners and visitors to the Cassandra Mines, with a corresponding boost to the local market.

Furthermore, the traditional tourism industry of pre Athos region is supported by  actions and structures, but also through the arrivals in the area directly and indirectly from the Cassandra Mines.

Initiative Location

Aristoteles Municipality, Chalkidiki province.

Working with Organization

The infrastructural works are decided in agreement with the elected local community representatives and they are realized in cooperation with the relevant authorities.


Workers Participation

The employees, supporting the fire prevention and protection action, have formed fire rescue teams.


Benefits for Οrganization

The company has better appreciation locally overtime (Periodic market research). Furthermore, the company staff stays in the region being satisfied with the infrastructure and quality of life in the villages around the mines. Therefore unnecessary travelling decreases, it becomes easier to attract young people into the area while the local economy growths through the increase of new households with young children in the area.

Connection with Global Goals

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