Summer Intership Program for Aristoteles Municipality Students

Summer Intership Program for Aristoteles Municipality Students

Hellas Gold

The mining company HELLAS GOLD SA was established in December 2003 with aiming to: Operate mines of all kinds, processing and marketing of minerals, establish and operate metalworking operations for vertical integration of production in Halkidiki.


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Objective Action

Provide to the youngsters from the area working experience to help them enter to the job market.


Target Audience

University students, inhabitants of the area.



One month and a half per year. There are two periods for summer interships that employee approximately 150 students each.


During summer 350 students from the Aristotle municipality participated in Hellas Gold internship program. This program is compatible with the support of the children of the region in their efforts to obtain work experience prior to graduation and entering into such a difficult job market as the Greek. The work experience gained by these students in such a large company is a great help for the beginning of their career. The company also supports the youth of the region organizing annual awards for successful higher education students in the Aristotle municipality with cash prizes. In this year's awards the gold Greek weightlifting Olympic Weightlifting Pyrros Dimas attended and awarded the kids.


Impact on Society

Every year the number of the students requesting to participate is increasing along with the number of participating students.

Initiative Location

Aristoteles Municipality

Working with Organization

(Partially) Local schools and parents' associations

Workers Participation

Our employees are participating only in the case of being members of the parernts' associations' of the local schools.

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