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Oracle Academy


With more than 400,000 customers and with deployments in a variety of industries in more than 145 countries, Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. 


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Objective Action

Oracle Academy aims at awakening and reinforcing students' and teachers' interest in Computer Science, especially of girls, developing students and teachers'  IT skills, like Java programming, design & programming of database with SQL and PL/SQL, application development, big data, cloud, etc, as well as assisting the educational institutions of all levels (from Primary school to Higher Education) to update their curricula, expand the offering of CS courses and help students and teachers achieve the respective professional Oracle certifications, a very improtant competitive advantage in the local and global marketplace. Another important part of the programme is providing information and career orientation through events targeted to university students, hosted in Universities members of the programmes.


Target Audience

IT teachers of all levels - primary to higher education, students and individuals.



Launched in 2010 and will continue for as long as it is needed.


Non profit, public and private, educational institutions of all levels become members for 3 years for free. The educators of the institutions-members gain access to Oracle's technology software, in the same editions Oracle's customers use currently, and can use it for educational purposes and for non profit research, as part of a degree curriculum. Additionally, they can attend free courses or through self-study learn how to teach programming Java and database design & programming wtih SQL & PL/SQL, application development, big data, cloud, etc. Completing the courses, studying the material and teaching the courses in their classrooms can lead the educators and their students to the preparation and exams for Oracle professional certifications, with significant discounts. Last but not least, both educators and individual members have access to online communities, fora and the online library and can attend webcasts with Oracle experts on IT trends.

Regarding the free courses, edcators in groups of 20-25 participants can follow for a period of 6-12 weeks, depending on the course and its format, a weekly online class with the instructor (in English or Greek), covering the weekly material, the participants take the necessary exams online and if they complete them successfully they either complete the course (completely virtual format) or can attend the 2-3 days in class with the instructor (hybrid format) where they work in groups on projects applying what they've learned. Upon completion of the courses, participants receive their certifcate of completion and they can continue with the exams for the Oracle certifications. They can apply and use the course material in their classrooms. The 2-3 days in classes, are hosted in higher education institutions-members of Oracle Academy in Athens, Thessaloniki and other big cities like Tripoli, Larissa, Patras, etc.

In the Java seminars children of 8 years and older are introduced to object-oriented programming with Java in a fun and creative way. The educational software used Alice (creation of 3D animation) and Greenfoot (games creation) are available for free on the internet and are being developed by Universities in US and England, with Oracle's financial support. They can also get introduced to more advanced Java programming and coding concepts. The database seminars introduce students to database design and programming with SQL and PL/SQL principles by using Oracle Application Express release. If the material is used properly and in full, students also have the opportunity to proceed to Oracle's professional certifications gaining a valuable asset for their future careers. Additionally, teachers of higher education with knowledge and many years of teaching experience on these subjects (Java, SQL, PL/SQL) can request an Experience Pass and have access to these seminars' material without attending the seminars. They can study and use the material int their classes as they see fit.


Impact on Society

Since 2010 that this program started operating also in Greece, more than 600 teachers have completed the courses, the material is being used with more than 55,000 students. Additionally, the educational software Alice and Greenfoot used in the course Java Fundamentals are included in the CS course of the 1st grade of senior high school and the 3rd grade of the Vocational high schools. The total value grant of this program for Greece in these past 6 years through Oracle Academy exceeds the 200 million euros.

Initiative Location

Greece (international Oracle program)

Working with Organization

Panhellenic Association of IT teachers (PEKAP), Peripheral and Directions of Primary and Secondary schools

Workers Participation



Benefits for Οrganization

Through the use of the educational material in the Universities members of the programme, the Java programming skills have been enhanced leading to more students doing their internship or even graduates being hired by Oracle Hellas. Both, Oracle and its ecosystem of customers and partners need people with programming skills. By enhancing the opportunities for developing such skills even from the primary school, we give young people, and especially girls/women, the opportunity to love IT and turn to ICT University studies or ICT related jobs, with the hope that in the future the gap between the availble IT jobs and the IT skilled people will not be as big as it is today.

Connection with Global Goals

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