OPAP was founded in 1958 and is the leading company of the Greek gaming industry. It is an integral part of the country, showcasing continuous and consistent contribution to the socio-economic development of Greece.


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Objective Action

The objective of OPAP’s strategy and actions on Responsible Gaming is to create and preserve a respectful and responsible environment so that those who wish to use its services, in the frame of their entertainment, will feel safe.

OPAP respectfully to the consumer and aiming to protect minors and social sensitive groups from the potentially harmful effects of its operation, ensures that:

  • All players have timely and holistic information and understanding of the rules of the games, before their participation, which is a result of their free and personal choice.
  • Available information regarding the referral structures that provide support to those who deal with problems related to excessive play and their families
  • Minors and sensitive social groups are protected from the potentially harmful effects of OPAP’s operation
  • Continuous consultation with organizations for the protection and support of players who deal with problems related to excessive play 

Target Audience

  • general public
  • employees
  • agents
  • employees in agencies
  • partners
  • suppliers
  • stakeholder groups (i.e. Academic Community, Therapeutic organizations etc.)


Responsible Gaming strategy was launched in 2014 and still continues


Responsible Gaming is a foundational strategic priority the runs across OPAP’s operation and defines the company. Its basic principles are the following:

  • Don’t play if you are under 18 years old
  • Don’t play online if you are under 21 years old
  • Don’t play over the limit

The Responsible Gaming framework reflects the one adopted by the World Lottery Association Framework and consists of the following activities:

  • Research: Development of researches that aim to provide understanding of the issues that are related to excessive play, the need for communication and integration of the Responsible Gaming rules across OPAP’s operation.  Based on the findings, we design interventions such as the educational program for pre-teen children that we develop with the collaboration of Adolescent Health Unit, with the objective of cultivating to children protection mechanisms from high risk behaviors.
  • Game Design: Responsible Gaming is integrated in the design of new games and their social impact is assessed.
  • Employees Program: Information to employees on Responsible Gaming and enforcement of a dedicated Responsible Gaming Policy, ensuring that it governs OPAP’s employees, OPAP’s agents and agencies employees’ daily behavior and professional conduct.
  • Agents Program: Training of retail network so that in complies with Responsible Gaming regulatory framework. Agents are called to comply with the framework, otherwise penalties are imposed.
  • Remote Gaming Channels: Compliance of all online products with Responsible Gaming (i.e. customer spend control, innovative age control system)
  • Advertising and Marketing: Development and application of a self-regulation code for appropriate and transparent communication/advertisement (additionally to the effective legislation)
  • Player Education: sensitization and awareness campaigns for the possible effects of excessive play, players balanced behavior and the importance of protecting minors (signage for agencies, informative leaflet on Responsible Gaming, self-assessment questionnaire in accordance with the Canadian Problem Gambling Index).
  • Treatment Referral: Support of the operation of 1114 helpline for tele-counseling to people with problems related to excessive play in collaboration with KETHE-ALFA ([email protected]).
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaboration with significant Stakeholders for the continuous improvement of the Responsible Gaming framework.  
  • Reporting and Measurement: Annual reports on the company’s commitments, its actions and their results


Impact on Society

  • Briefed and trained all our employees on responsible gaming, covering topics such as the protection of minors and excessive playing. In 2020, we revised the content of the induction training from the previous year’s version, to ensure all information is fully up to date. We informed our new employees about our Responsible Gaming Policy, with material that is also available on the company’s intranet site. In 2020 we redesigned the Responsible Gaming section of our company’s intranet and updated the content to make it more attractive and useful to employees.
  • Offered a mandatory online training course on OPAP’s Responsible Gaming strategy, priorities and related regulatory framework to all employees. The online training content was updated in 2020.
  • Conducted specialized training sessions in Responsible Gaming to frontline employees, in collaboration with KETHEA.
  • Offered our employees and senior management the opportunity to learn more about addiction by hosting a session with two former gambling addicts who shared their personal testimonies with us.
  • Communicate via emails to our customers about Responsible gaming principles
  • Launch our New Responsible Gaming Campaign
  • Operated helpline in collaboration with KETHE -ALPHA, dedicated to offering support to people who confront excessive playing issues
  • We have the first online website on Responsible Gaming
  • We updated the door sticker on the doors of our agencies to ensure customers are aware that minors, as well as adults accompanying minors, are not allowed to enter. We also created a new handout for points of sale to emphasize the related regulation and OPAP’s commitment to its implementation.

In 2020, 100% of OPAP’s sales agents were briefed and trained on Responsible Gaming respectively. All new agents were trained on Responsible Gaming. More specifically, we:

  • Trained 444 agents and agents’ employees, 695 Play stores operators and their employees and 65 Points of Sale’s personnel (wholesalers and distributors to cascade training to Point of Sale such as kiosks, mini markets and supermarkets) on responsible operation.
  • Updated the e-learning training course on Responsible Gaming for our agents, with over 1139 agents and agents’ employees trained.
  • Trained 66 wholesalers, distributors and street vendors on Responsible Gaming rules and principles.
  • Communicated Responsible Gaming messages to all agents, wholesalers and street vendors.
  • Uploaded announcements about Responsible Gaming on portals, the dedicated online communication platforms (οpapnet, opapnet|play and opapnet|laheia) for agents and staff of OPAP stores, Play stores and Hellenic Lotteries partners and points of sale respectively.

Initiative Location

All over Greece

Working with Organization

  • KETHEA-ALFA (operation of the 1114 Helpline to support players who face problems related to excessive play and their families)
  • National and Kapodestrian University of Athens (internal communication  / design and development of targeted educational seminars)
  • “Panagioti and Aglaia Kyriakou” Adolescent Health Unit (design and development of the «Youth Power» educational program for the development of support mechanisms against high risk behaviors to pre-adolescent children and parents sensitization)


Workers Participation

OPAP employees are one of the key target groups of the Responsible Gaming strategy. More specifically:

  • OPAP sensitizes and informs all its employees on Responsible Gaming
  • KETHE-ALFA partners have trained the Customer Relations Department, so that they are capable to handle the calls they receive from people with related issues
  • The sales team has been trained to cascade the basic Responsible Gaming network to the extended sales network
  • online trainings for employees in collaboration with the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, aiming to inform on Responsible Gaming, its priorities and the regulated framework and targeted trainings that correspond to each department’s needs. 

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Benefits for Οrganization

OPAP Group can be proud about the following: 

In 2018, two international associations awarded us (OPAP S.A. and Hellenic Lotteries S.A.) with the highest distinctions globally for our commitment in protecting consumers and ensuring a safe environment for our players. In particular, WLA awarded us with the WLA Responsible Gaming Certificate Level 4, which is the highest level of Responsible Gaming Certification globally, moving forward from the Level 3 certification we received awarded in 2015.

In addition, the European State Lotteries and Toto Association/ European Lotteries (EL) awarded us with the Statement of Alignment with the EL Responsible Gaming Standards for our true dedication to consistently applying Responsible Gaming principles in our strategy and operation.

All certifications are valid until 2021. These certifications serve as a testament to the effectiveness of our Responsible Gaming programs and the benefit they bring to all our stakeholders towards safeguarding the joy of the game.

Also based on OPAP surveys:

  • 56% of people believe that OPAP “promotes responsible participation in games for money ”.
  • 87% of people are aware that participation in OPAP’s games of chance is allowed only for people over the age of 18. It is our intention to increase this percentage even further until it reaches 100%.
  • 85% of people are aware that in OPAP’s games of chance one should play within limits.

Connection with Global Goals

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