Objective Action

The CSR policy of Cactus Hotels derives from its business mission which is mainly related to the minimization of its environmental impacts and the maximization of safety and quality of services. Our main expectation is the continuous improvement. 

Cactus Hotels sustainability program is based on a set of criteria set by the certification and quality assurance standards that the hotel holds.

The main concern, in a highly competitive environment of the tourism industry, is the continuous upgrading of the services provided to our customers. In every action in this direction we ensure that it is done with absolute respect and minimal impact on the environment and the local community.

The four main areas on which the strategy is designed are:

 The stakeholders

 The working environment

 Local society and

 The natural environment

A key pillar for supporting sustainable development is shaping corporate responsibility. Corporate social responsibility creates a competitive advantage to enhance the company's reputation and performance.




Target Audience

Local Community



The initiative is in progress and refers to the general philosophy of the company, so the offer to society as a whole has no time limit.


Theofilos Chalkiadakis SA - Cactus Hotels recognizes that a business should not be judged only on the basis of the quality of its services, its financial results but also on its contribution to society as a whole.

Our commitment to this direction creates the social profile of the company and the shaping of corporate social responsibility

The social responsibility is structured through a set of activities and actions:

• Series of events to promote the local element.

• Using local products and choosing local suppliers.

• Encouraging customers to buy products and services from local suppliers.

• Provide information brochures from local businesses to inform visitors about shopping, dining, entertainment, car rentals, etc.

• Provision of local transport information.

• Encourage staff to participate in hotel activities related to environmental issues or other voluntary actions.

• Organization of activities related to the formation of an environmental consciousness (tree planting, beach cleaning, etc.)

Volunteering actions:

Sponsorship of money to the local gymnastic sports club of Malia.
Οffer in food items to the Deputy Mayor of Social Policy of the Municipality of Heraklion
Courtesy of a significant amount of money to cover important needs at the Regional Clinic of Mohos
Οffer of two air conditioners for the needs of the newly built spiritual center of the parish of Mohos
Supply of sports equipment for the female athletes of the OFI team
Financial support to Malia Choir. We are enhancing both financially and ethically the effort for the cultural contribution of the local choir to the local community
Οffer of money for the purchase of sports equipment and for expenditure for the protection of the environment in the Nautical Club of Malia
Signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the region of Crete and the hoteliers for the proper management of the beaches and the reduction of the use of disposable plastics
Free room stays for employees of local businesses and travel agencies as part of the Christmas celebration
Free room stays to staff doctors and nurses of the National Health System as a minimum of gratitude in their face for their contribution to the fight against the pandemic
Donation of two air conditioners to cover the needs of the primary school of Mohos
Donation of a dehumidifier for the Heraklion Hotel Association office


Impact on Society

There are no measurable results.

Initiative Location

Working with Organization

Workers Participation

Benefits for Οrganization

Regarding the social work of the company:

Strengthening social responsibility
Competitive advantage
Promotion of volunteering
Sustainable development

Connection with Global Goals

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