Objective Action

The CSR policy of Cactus Hotels derives from its business mission which is mainly related to the minimization of its environmental impacts and the maximization of safety and quality of services. Our main expectation is the continuous improvement. 

Cactus Hotels sustainability program is based on a set of criteria set by the certification and quality assurance standards that the hotel holds.

The main concern, in a highly competitive environment of the tourism industry, is the continuous upgrading of the services provided to our customers. In every action in this direction we ensure that it is done with absolute respect and minimal impact on the environment and the local community.

The four main areas on which the strategy is designed are:

 The stakeholders

 The working environment

 Local society and

 The natural environment

A key pillar for supporting sustainable development is shaping corporate responsibility. Corporate social responsibility creates a competitive advantage to enhance the company's reputation and performance.

As our properties are most of them new or newly renovated, we use sustainable and innovative practices and methods. Our goal is to preservethe valuable natural resources of our destination for the future generations. We adopt and implement responsible policies regarding the preserving of water, the increasing of energy efficiency and the promoting of recycling within our premises.

We donot yet measure our carbon foot print but we follow ways for reducing it in the atmosphere.

Based on these commitments, Cactus Hotels aim at:

  • implementing actions to save energy, to reduce water consumption, to manage wastewater properly and to reduce and manage solid waste produced.
  • the protection of beach and water quality. We select certified ecological products for kitchen and housekeeping and we perform regular chemical and microbiological water tests.
  • educating and raising awareness of hotel staff in order to actively participate in environmental actions.
  • minimizing the use of chemicals with hazardous substances. We use the guidelines and the proper storage and we train our staff to do so.
  • implementing a comprehensive recycling system for paper, glass, batteries, oils, inks and toners, electric appliances, aluminum, lamps in cooperation with certified suppliers.

Target Audience

  1. Local Community
  2. Employees
  3. Stakeholders
  4. Suppliers
  5. Subconstractors
  6. Guests


The actions and implementation of the CSR program are not limited in time but are an ongoing process where actions are implemented on an annual basis.


Energy savings are undoubtedly the fastest, most cost effective to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their use.

Our goal is to reduce energy consumption without affecting the comfort conditions of visitors with the ultimate goal of saving money and protecting the environment.

- Replacement of energy saving lamps with led lamps throughout our premises and installation of light management systems for control

- All A/C units are energy labelled using ozone friendly refridgerants

- Signage to all staff to save energy in all areas and installation eco mechanism when the guest room doors are open then the A/C turns off

- Implement a wash on demand policy

- Check for electrical appliances in empty rooms

- Technologically new equipment in all the premises


Water management consists the most important issue as is used in hospitality in order to make the guests feel a great experience.

Facilities such as jacuzzi, pools, water parks form the guest experience so water supply must at least remain consistent.

Water saving and the rational management of water resources above all, the cultivation of a new culture with regard to water management is imperative.

  • Installation of flow control devices on bathtubs, showers and kitchenete filters for the rational use of water
  • Training staff on proper water management
  • Signage to staff in kitchen to save water
  • Irrigation of the green using the drip method
  • Washing linen and towels from certified third part
  • Installation of sanitary devices with allowed amount of water consumption (toilets, showers, low water flow taps)
  • Proper control and maintenance of the swimming pools


Proper waste management in an environmentally friendly manner is vital to the business. In this direction, we should all contribute, staff and clients, as their rational management is an integral part of sustainable development and, on the other hand, minimizes the adverse impact on society and the environment.

Recycling is a process that is applied to the hotel in all its departments and forms part of its philosophy.

  • Restriction of packaging materials by buying less packaged products
  • Purchase of press for compressing recyclables
  • Waste management - recycling (paper, glass, plastic, toner, burned oil, etc.)
  • Proper management of quantity of food in proportion to the number of customers
  • Use of electronic systems instead of paper for business purposes
  • Training staff for proper waste management and recycling
  • Application in a restaurant and kitchen of the F.I.F.O.
  • Minimize disposable products
  • Use of soap dispensers in the bathrooms
  • Limiting the use of disposable plastic bags
  • Inform visitors about environmental issues and the recycling program applied to the hotel through digital devices (mobile app, info kiosk, info channel)

Cactus Hotels have been registered in the National Waste Management e-platform (HMA) since 2017.


Impact on Society

The measurable results of the action, concerning energy and water, become apparent at the end of each season where the annual comparison is made. On 2020 energy initiatives related to the installation of photovoltaics to reduce energy consumption by the provider by 20% has almost been achieved, seeing the results so far and this reduction will be certain at the end of the 2021 season.

Regarding waste management, there is still no measurable result regarding CO2 emissions, but a complete waste management system is observed, which is recorded in the Electronic Waste Register of the Ministry of Environment.

Initiative Location

Working with Organization

There is cooperation with external private associations regarding the collection and recycling of waste.

Workers Participation

Employees are trained to learn the right procedures but also to acquire the philosophy of saving energy and water. This also applies to proper internal waste management.


Benefits for Οrganization

Connection with Global Goals

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