Objective Action

The strategy and philosophy adopted by KONVA is the environmental and human protection. To ensure this, it selects and works with certified suppliers that share the same values. Our selection criteria are based on the candidates’ principles of environmental and human life protection, their practices, and their certifications.


Target Audience

The general public



Since the start of the company and as long as we operate


The evaluation of our suppliers is based on the following criteria:
1. Following the implementation of the international initiative BSCI, all our suppliers are obliged to adhere to the basic principles and values ​​in their working environment. That is, the continuous improvement of working conditions.

2. All of TRATA’s tuna suppliers are members of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). The ISSF is a non-profit organisation whose members include scientists participating in environmental and non-governmental organisations (such as the WWF) and the world’s leading tuna processing industries.


3. All our suppliers comply with the laws and regulations designed to protect dolphins during fishing for tuna. That is why all of our tuna products bear the label dolphin-safe.

4. In our effort to contribute to biodiversity protection we cooperate only with suppliers who are not listed on the IUU list (ILLEGAL, UNREPORTED, UNREGULATED fishing). 


5. For sardines and anchovies, our sole suppliers are the Greek fish auctions, which are strictly abide by regulations for fishing, such as the implementation of a traceability system, cessation of fishing activities during the breeding season, usage of fishing gears harmless to the seafloor, nets with a permissible mesh size to prevent fry fishing and reduction of the amount of discards from fishing vessels.


6. Our main supplier of tinplate and aluminum has the METAL RECYCLES FOREVER mark, an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the advantages of recycling. You will find this mark on all our metal packages. 


7. Our main supplier for paper packaging is FSC certified, to guarantee sustainable forest management. This label is also displayed on our packages.


Last but not least, as a company, we respect protected species such as the bluefin tuna, and we source tuna from all oceans, in accordance with geographical and time-related regulations, to ensure the normal reproduction of tuna populations.



Impact on Society

By applying these practices, KONVA offers to the general public high quality products that do not burden the environment and protect fish stocks.

Initiative Location

The facilities of the Company, in Northern Greece

Working with Organization

ISSF non-governmental organisation

Workers Participation

All the departments of the company

Benefits for Οrganization

By following the aforementioned criteria and applying good practices of sustainability, KONVA remains consistent in its philosophy for the environmental and human life protection. By adopting these practices, the company protects the environment in which it operates, protects fish stocks, develops good collaborations with suppliers and ensures the quality of its products.

Connection with Global Goals

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