Cretan Gastronomy Centre

Cretan Gastronomy Centre


The Region of Crete is a Local Self-Administration Organization of second level and  consists of 4 Regional Units : Heraklion , Lasithi , Rethymno and Chania. ROC  designs and implements policies on economic, social, tourist and cultural development of the island .

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Objective Action

Main goal:

To capitalize on the potential and competitive advantage of the Cretan diet model -which has been recognized as one of the healthiest in the world- and the establishment of Crete as gastronomic destination of high quality. The operation of the Centre as a tourist attraction, point of information, knowledge production and dissemination of local food culture through the channel of tourism. Also, a substantial structure supporting stakeholders and entrepreneurs for the development of gastronomic tourism and promoting quality local products.


Target Audience

1. Domestic and foreign visitors (known as food tourists) who wish to experience the wealth and culture of the Cretan diet (individually or in groups).
2. School students where young visitors come in contact with the traditional cuisine of their region, in an understandable and entertaining way (creating simple dishes, mini competitions etc).
3. Professional cooks (in hotels or restaurants) wishing to get trained or to specialize in the Cretan diet through seminars.
4. Local communities and groups working in related fields (local gastronomy, culture or civilization).
5. Researchers and journalists who study or pay homage to the Cretan diet.



Open since March 2014 until today .


The Region of Crete - Regional Unit of Rethymno, in the frame of the project GEFSIS TOUR (Programme "Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013"), created the Centre of Cretan Gastronomy, housed in the renovated neoclassical building "Manousaki" in the village of Argiroupoli, 23 km from the city Rethymno. This is a modern Culinary Centre, which was inaugurated in the spring of 2014. Through the operation of thematic exhibition points and implementation of events, cooking demonstrations and wine - tasting actions, the Centre promotes the Cretan diet model as well as the qualified products under the brand name "CRETE".

The Centre is fully equipped and has a reception room, professional kitchen equipment and exhibition room with local products and thematic corners as: Cretan diet, Cretan vineyard, olive and olive oil, Cretan herbs, Fruits and vegetables, Cereals and pastries, Dairy and animal production. There are also provided:

  • Ιnfo point: Informative material about the Cretan diet, traditional recipes and the culture of Crete.
  • Ιnfo-Touring in Crete: Ιnformation for culinary and touristic routes.
  • Library and free access to audiovisual material.
  • Wi-Fi

Visitors are offered traditional Cretan treat and a mini guided tour in the Centre’s premises by its staff. Visiting the Centre could be ideally combined with a tour at the archaeological sites of Argiroupolis (Ancient Lappa), the famous springs of Agia Dinami, the European E4 path that crosses the region and many other nearby destinations of naturalistic, religious, archaeological and cultural interest. The actions and the benefits arising from the Centre's operation are of regional and cross-border scope, coupled with a corresponding structure which operates in Cyprus.


Impact on Society

During the last summer period, the visitors reached 90 people per day, without any special advertising and networking activities which are really a priority in the near future, so a significant increase of visitors is anticipated. Also, since the spring of 2014, when the Centre started its operation, five schools of primary and secondary education have already visited it with many others having integrated it in their planning schedule.

Initiative Location

Argiroupoli, Rethymno (23 km southwest of the town of Rethymno) in the island of Crete.

Working with Organization

The Cretan Gastronomy Centre was created in the frame of the project GEFSIS TOUR under "Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013" program and is housed in a neoclassical building which was granted by the Municipality of Rethymno for this purpose. There is close coopereation with the Agronutritional  Cooperation of Region of Crete, which is the certifying body of local products and services under the brand name CRETE


Workers Participation

The Centre was created under the project GEFSIS TOUR (Programme "Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013") which was carried out by employees of the Regional Unit of Rethymnon and it operates with  the help of employees of the Agronutritional Cooperation if Crete.


Benefits for Οrganization

1. The emergence of the Cretan diet as a differentiating element of the tourism product and the enhancement of "food tourists" attraction who are a dynamically developing class of quality tourism.

2. Abetment of higher tourism expenditure.

3. Reducing seasonality in tourism, strengthening the tourism product beyond the “sea and sun” model and promotion of inland tourism.

4. Enhancement and promotion of local certified products under the brand name CRETE.

5. Strengthening and revitalization of the primary sector of the island.

6. Support for stakeholders and business operators in the gastronomic tourism.

Connection with Global Goals

No Connection with Global Goals found

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