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Education Unlimited: Online Initiatives

Education Unlimited: Online Initiatives


The educational non-profit organization eduACT with actions across whole Greece brings innovation to the training of tomorrow's leaders. Educational workshops, science and robotics are combined to cultivate values to improve the quality of their life and their social environment.

Objective Action

These Online Activities/Events are Eduact’s initiative aiming at facilitating an open dialogue amongst members of the organization,  as well as its network regarding themes relevant to science, society, technology, education, and of course innovation, during Covid-19. Informing, sensitizing, and activating the community, even during times of social isolation, is of primary concern to us.


Target Audience

The Οnline Webinars/Events are directed at a wide audience covering all age groups. They are open and free for participants aged 5 up to adults aged 70 years old.



The initiative began in April 2021 and continues to this day, renewing its thematic monthly.


This initiative derived from the organization’s need for communication, discussion, and information regarding various thematics and programs during the Covid 19 lockdown, in April 2020. Certain programs may have been momentarily paused, however, the desire for interaction remains strong.
Themes of social interest and stories of inspiration continue to constitute the monthly thematics of the program, members of the organization host informational initiatives regarding health and public discourse about current affairs and education, while it is also important to note that certain presentations and awardings completed competitions and events regarding robotics for children aged 6-16 years old. 

The initiative is facilitated monthly and although the lockdown period was halted for several months, the audience’s interest established these online webinars/events as a fixed project for Eduact. Participation is simple: a trivial signing up to the seminar and a device such as a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet is required for participation. The success of this project begins when it starts being requested by the audience, when the content delivered is engaging for all age groups.

In June 2020, the online robotics and coding workshops became a thing and constituted the most direct and innovative way to learn. Educational equipment was delivered to participants while children aged 5-16 years old virtually got together in November 2020 and following hybrid learning they gained hands-on experience and acquired 21st-century skills.


Impact on Society

140 autonomous online workshops have been conducted in the span of 8 months. A pool of loyal participants was created and every webinar reached at least 30 participants. Important moments of the online webinars were the awardings of Robotics Competitions’ teams where the live streaming of the event reached 1000 views. Exceptionally good participation was also observed at the event for the presentation of the teams and the thematics around health that engaged more than 100 participants. The dynamics of the audience worked as a catalyst to the progress of the initiative which was definitely established in the main set of initiatives facilitated by the organization. 


Initiative Location

These initiatives take place online and all is required from participants is good spirit and an internet connection.

Working with Organization

Cooperation between stakeholders, organizations, and individuals is what grants these initiatives pluralism. Social thematics and inspirational stories constitute the basic elements of the American Embassy’s library. The Eugenides Foundation hosted Eduact’s members, virtually presenting programs of technology, Behrakis foundation as well as the association ´Kids Save Lives’ were there to inform regarding health. Moreover, all the partners of the Robotics Championship FIRST® LEGO® League from around Greece were part of the seminars.

The awarding of the Robotics Competitions’ teams in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs was undoubtedly great momentum. In the ceremony, a greeting was addressed by a Greek Gold Olympian Ms.Voula Patoulidou, as the theme of the upcoming season is Sports. There, present was also actress Ms.Zeta Douka, Ambassador of Education Unlimited, who communicated in her own unique way the message that robotics is indeed for all and announced the theme of the new #GAMECHANGERS season. The Consulate General of the U.S., Mr. Gregory W. Pfleger, highlighted the value of the people that surround us, who essentially contribute in their own way to reaching our goals.

Moreover, guests from Pittsburgh, U.S.A. were the Seshan Brothers, Global Champions of First Lego League for 2018 who encouraged the teams to continue despite any hardship.

Lastly, a member of the National Robotics Team that represented us at the FIRST Global Challenge 2019 – DUBAI, Irini Tsatrafili, shared with us her experience from the Olympiad.


Workers Participation

The initiative of the online webinars is a voluntary one, organized and supported by Eduact’s members and their partners - it is an initiative suited for everyone and provided for free to the public.


Benefits for Οrganization

Interaction with the audience, development of participants’ networks, and establishment of partnerships was a benefit for the initiative and the development of the program education unlimited constantly offering innovative educational programs for all. The expansion of the network of members gives the organization the element of recognizability and subsequently the boost for the development of a greater range of programs and initiatives.

Connection with Global Goals

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