Hospital Renovation Program by OPAP

Hospital Renovation Program by OPAP


OPAP was founded in 1958 and is the leading company of the Greek gaming industry. It is an integral part of the country, showcasing continuous and consistent contribution to the socio-economic development of Greece.


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Objective Action

Building on its already rich contribution to the Health sector and prioritizing the improvement of living conditions for children, OPAP undertook the initiative to renovate the two most important, oldest and largest Children Hospitals in Greece; “Aghia Sophia” and “Pan. & Aglaias Kyriakou”.

The key objectives of OPAP’s Children Hospital Renovation program are to:

  • operationally and technically upgrade at the utmost the Hospital Nursing Units and Outpatient Clinics in need
  • create a pleasant therapeutic environment for the sick children and their relatives via the proper design, chromatic treatment and the entire renovation of hospital premises, waiting and  examination rooms of young patients

Moreover a significant part of the initiative is to sensitize and engage the general public and OPAP employees. In this framework, OPAP, since 2014, implements the “Route of Contribution” activation on the occasion of the Athens Authentic Marathon, inviting people to download the application and through a series of interactive actions and games to contribute virtually in the renovation project. In total, since 2014, 142.914 people have downloaded the application, collecting more than 863.000 euro of virtual contribution, which were automatically translated to financial investment by OPAP for the Hospital renovation program.   


Target Audience

Primary audience:

  • children and parents across Greece
  • Hospitals’ medical, nursing and management stuff

Secondary audience:

  • general public
  • OPAP employees


The project initiated in 2014 and continues.


In the pillar of Health, OPAP has set as its priority to improve the therapeutic environment of the two largest and most important Children Hospitals, “Aghia Sofia” and “P&A Kyriakou”, who serve children from all over Greece. On that ground it marshals resources, energy and creativity to offer a pleasant therapeutic environment to the children, their parents, the nursing and the medical stuff. Already the ambitious project is in full progress and has showcased significant results.

Moreover, OPAP rolls out the “Route of Contribution” activation aiming to sensitize the general public and its employees. On the occasion of the Athens Authentic Marathon it has developed a dedicated application inviting people to participate and support the significant initiative of the Hospital Renovation. The users through downloading the application or visiting the microsite could answer to Marathon related quizzes or run (the application counted the total distance run by a user). For every kind of participation, OPAP offered an amount of money to the renovation project. Overall, in two years of the “Route of Contribution” project implementation more than 142.914 people have been activated, contributing virtually to the collection of 863.000 euro, which have been translated by OPAP to actual for the renovation project


Impact on Society

OPAP in November 2015 delivered two completely renovated floors to the "Aghia Sofia" and "Panagiotis & Aglaias Kyriakou" Children Hospitals. Specifically, in the two renovated floors we completed all the needed construction and decoration works, completely upgrading them. Also, we repaired and partially replaced hospitals’ equipment.

1. In “Panagiotis & Aglaias Kyriakou” Children Hospital:

  • renovated the Nursing Unit on the A' Wing 3rd floor, with 550 square meters total area and capacity of 34 beds
  • replaced the central elevator
  • reformed the interior design to create a pleasant therapeutic environment for the children for their rehabilitation, rehabilitation in complete accordance with the contemporary medical concepts.

The main creative concept that will run across the building is the children’s play and imagination. More specifically, in the separate floors of the Hospital, the playful motifs will show:

  • Spinning tops
  • Air balloons.
  • Balloons
  • Kites
  • The rainbow
  • Flying bikes

2. In “Aghia Sofia” Children Hospital

  • renovated two Nursing Units of the 5th floor of the “Aghia Sofia” Hospital, of 1,800 square meters area with a capacity of 50 beds
  • renovated the Neonatal Increased Care Unit with a capacity of 50 incubators
  • the interior design was reformed creating create an appropriate therapeutic environment for the children for their rehabilitation, in complete accordance with the contemporary medical concepts

The creative concept which will run across the separate creatives per Nursing Ward is inspired by the historic, social and intellectual evolution of humanity, in the form of a game. More specifically the creative patterns that will be used are the following:

  • Writing and letters
  • Numbers
  • Sports and fair play
  • Music and musical instruments
  • Painting
  • Space and stars

The continuously evolving tree of life, science and society, whose fruits have been all the above mentioned inventions will link all these separate creative concepts.

Through the “Route of Contribution” activation, in the past two years, more than 142.914 have been motivated and engaged, collecting more than 863.000 euro of virtual contribution that OPAP has translated in actual investment for the renovation project. 

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

The program is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the 1st Regional Health Directorate of Athens and the management of the two hospitals, “Aghia Sofia” and “P&A Kyriakou”


Workers Participation

OPAP employees are continuously updated in the progress of the project. Moreover they actively participated in the “Route of Contribution” activation. 


Benefits for Οrganization

Based on a Millward Brown research, OPAP’s reputation index has been increased by 15 points versus last year. More specifically:

  • 13 increase versus last year in the general public’s recognition that OPAP returns value to the community
  • 13 increase versus last year in the general public’s recognition that OPAP has one of the largest CSR programs in Greece
  • 15 increase versus last year in the general public’s acceptance for OPAP 

Connection with Global Goals

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