Cooperation with Academia

Cooperation with Academia

Hellas Gold

The mining company HELLAS GOLD SA was established in December 2003 with aiming to: Operate mines of all kinds, processing and marketing of minerals, establish and operate metalworking operations for vertical integration of production in Halkidiki.


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Objective Action

  • The continuous improvement of business processes
  • The spread of knowledge
  • Hellas Gold staff training
  • Environmental Protection
  • Improving health and safety performance

Target Audience

  • State/ Public Administration
  • Academic community
  • Greek Society


Continuous (2014-2016) with efforts to expand partnerships.


The main benefit of the cooperation between Hellas Gold and academic institutions is the company's access to the most advanced results of the academic research and the new technologies. This cooperation is mutually productive as our company provides operational knowledge and the students- professors of the universities provide their academic specialization and expertise. In this way both research and operational practice are improved. Below you can see our most significant cooperations.

Geology Department

The Geological Team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the geological research department of Hellas Gold, joined their forces cooperating on the fields of Geology and geological research.

Pioneer geologists from AUTH, recently visited the premises of Hellas Gold in Madem Lakkos, and had the opportunity to become familiar with the extended object of geological exploration, in the mining area of ​​the Northeast Halkidiki by our scientific team of geologists.

At the same time, our scientific study and research was in 3D design and modeling for the geological research stage. This design is helpful for the exploration and exploitation of a deposit, with emphasis on the use and potential of innovative programs, through examples from the mine of Black Stones.

This cooperation is the conclusion of a timeless philosophy and practical support of academic research. Many similar initiatives in cooperation with Greek and international universities took place, finding applications in many levels in Cassandra Mines.

The aforementioned training workshop held last year in Madem Lakkos, in the wider context of actions SEG AUTH.

The Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) established in 1919, aiming to promote and develop the science of Geology, as it develops in the early stages of the search of deposits and confirmation of inventory until the final stages of the extraction of mineral raw materials.

Today, the association aims at sharing and conveying of the research work, maintaining highly scientifically qualified members and the contact and cooperation of scientists - academic, private and industry executives - with a common interest in the subject of economic geology.

In this context, the gradual integration of future economic geology-economic geologists and current students in the global scientific community, SEG encourages the establishment of local student annexes which are designed to promote the association objectives, first by developing study of mineral resources and their exploration and understanding of the genesis, investigations, evaluation, production, and secondly, investing in the dissemination of knowledge through publications, seminars, meetings and field exercises. Also, the institution of student annexes which operates in 27 countries in recent decades, plays a key role in bringing together students from different countries both among themselves and with geoscientists from academia, research centers and industry.

Department of Mining

Third-year students of the National Technical University of Athens toured in industrial units as part of their practical exercise, in order to become familiar with the sector. In late June, they arrived in Halkidiki to visit the mine Olympias and the new site of Skouries.

The young engineers became familiar with the mining activity and got informed in detail for both the deposits of the region, the project design, methods, and their exploitation techniques, and environmental management.


Impact on Society

  • The continuous improvement of business processes
  • Hellas Gold staff better training
  • Better results in Environmental Protection
  • Improvements in health and safety performance

Initiative Location

Athens and North East Halkidiki.

Working with Organization

Indicative partnerships in this regard have been made with the following Universities:

  • Department of Forestry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for environmental restoration
  • Department of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for hydrological studies
  • Department of Mining Engineering NTUA for environmental characterization of solid samples


Workers Participation

Oor employees actively participate in every program of cooperation with university and also they can benefit from individual education programs having the opportunity to develop their knowledge in the workpiece.

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