Mind the : Quest Group recruitment-oriented Scholarship Program to learn programming code

Mind the : Quest Group recruitment-oriented Scholarship Program to learn programming code


Quest Holdings SA, is the parent company of the Quest Group, one of the largest Groups in Greece, with strong presence in the fields of Information Technology, Electronic Transactions, Green Energy, as well as Courier and Postal Services.


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Objective Action

The Mind the <code> program is part of the Quest Group's “Quest Forward” initiative, which aims to empower young people with digital skills and knowledge, to connect the educational community to the market and to keep talented employees in the Greek market.


Target Audience

Mind the <code> program is aimed at young graduates of Computer Science and Programming, as well as junior developers.



Start September 2019- Continuous Repeated Action

From 2020 the Group will implement a sales and marketing program for the digital customer.


The Mind the <code> Scholarship Program was designed by the Quest Group, aiming to provide young people with up-to-date and essential knowledge of java & .NET programming technologies and enable them to work at Group's companies, Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems, Cardlink and ACS. The scholarships are awarded to 30 young people, with a passion for programming and an interest in joining the dynamic teams of developers of Quest Group companies. The scholarships are selected following the open call of the Group to all interested parties (by implementing a digital / social media communication program, press releases, creating a web site, a pre-selection test and then evaluation by experienced executives Group HR Departments with specific methodology, criteria and systems.

The educational process includes:

• Intensive 120 hours training in java & .NET programming languages by experienced professionals / rapporteurs. The training is completed within 2 months with a project presentation.

• Participate in group coding Projects

• Meet the participants with senior developers / architects working on major Group Projects in Greece and Europe, with visits and workshops at the Group's offices.

Upon successful completion of the training process, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance and specialized training.

Upon completion of the training program, the scholars, on the basis of their performance, carry out a 4-6-month internship in the aforementioned companies of the Group. Then there is the possibility of immediate prevention, a professional perspective, which gives them significant opportunities and prospects. Indicatively indicating:

• Working in a modern, dynamic and creative environment of a leading Greek Group, with many companies of different subject, each leading in its field, and significant ICT activity.

• Acquiring new knowledge and skills that meet current market needs, making it easier to find a job from now on.

• Work with some of the most talented market professionals

• Gaining significant experience in participating in very interesting and critical Projects that the Group companies are implementing for their clients in Greece and Europe, as well as in the context of their own digital transformation.


Impact on Society

Intensive 120-hour training for 30 young people in programming languages. Apprenticeship and recruitment opportunity in one of the largest Greek Clubs with a strong technology presence.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

The program is implemented in cooperation with the support of Coding School 

Workers Participation

Active involvement of HR / Training & Development unit, as well as Group developers in curriculum design, active involvement of executives and Mentoring during the apprenticeship period.


Benefits for Οrganization

Upon completion of the program, the Group aims at approximately 20-25 new programming talents to join the Organization (apprenticeship and then recruitment) by enhancing the potential developers of the companies and helping them achieve their goals.

It also contributes more broadly to upgrading the digital skills of the new generation, in line with the real needs of the market, contributing to the stay of valuable human capital in the country and its exploitation for the benefit of the whole society.

Connection with Global Goals

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